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A careful medical research facilities include a recording of the weight of the patient and, in particular information on whether he won or lost weight rapidly. The doctors were no tables showing that the average weight of people, depending on age, gender, height and build. Some people are tall and slender with light bones and muscles of the light. Others are pushed, short, muscular.

Water makes up about seventy percent of body weight. Approximately one fifth of all water outside the cells. This is found in the blood, cerebrospinal fluid, lymph and a small amount between the cells. The rest of the body is in permanent structures such as bones, most of the minerals in the bones of the body. Sugar can be stored in the body, mainly in the liver and muscles as glycogen.

Fat is deposited around the body of an inactive material in warehouses. Proteins are the building blocks of cells. The body has four grams of water per gram protein. The amount of calories the body to maintain their weight depends on the speed with which the body makes use of material, and this in turn is linked to the level of activity. Growth requires more calories. If sufficient amounts of calories in the body, the deficit will be made by using material from the tissue. The fat is created, but the carbohydrates. If you use both fat and carbohydrates, protein is added. This means that the elimination of a number of functioning cells.

Circumstances including the cause interference with the normal removal of sodium increased water retention and weight gain. Examples include heart failure, blood poisoning during pregnancy, hardening or liver cirrhosis and heart failure. Elimination of water is enhanced by disruption of salt, the improvement of cardiac function, or by drugs that increase the activity of the kidneys.

Increased fluid in the body occurs when the protein is not sufficient. In such cases, the recovery of protein in the elimination of water. Sign of more than sweating or severe diarrhea and water from the body and thus a lower weight.

The weight of the body is the thyroid, which play a role in determining the basal metabolism is owned or controlled play. Fever increases the metabolism. Excess thyroid was also a sentence on the plus side while the failure of the thyroid moves the sentence on the minus side.

Food is regulated by many factors. Appetite may be part of a habit of good food. Many families are too great emphasis on food. Grandmothers provide food as a remedy for the diseases most families. Sometimes a person who lives an active eating with severe changes in a sedentary way of life has been. The eating habits, and he puts on weight. Some people eat as a substitute for the satisfaction that they are not on a different emotional sources. By the way, drink alcohol, because they often lack other requirements in this way. An unusual cause of overeating is more than the activity of the pancreas in the development of insulin. An injury to the brains, some parts of a part of the brains, the hypothalamus may affect associated with the development of a combined insatiable appetite. But because of the overwhelming number of cases is far from obesity, from too much food in relation to the metabolism and activity of the body.

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