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Smooth skin is ideal for every woman. However, to treat the skin was not as you imagine. You can also save time at the cost of treatment to remove. The result will remain the same effective treatment in the saloon with the most important is that you should do routinely.

The first step you have to do is a routine exercise so as to the musculature will loose and tight. So that will make the skin look healthier and far from any wrinkles and cellulite. Choose a lightweight sports, but will provide a sufficient prima Jogging such as sports or exercises.

The second is that your food consumption should be nutritious because it will radiate through your skin. Vegetables and fresh fruit is very good for skin health. Choose foods that vary each day and avoid consuming food that it is only.

The third is using lotion because of a hand lotion & body cream or the other can help skin feels so smooth and soft. However, for sensitive skin types, cosmetic products is precisely to create a skin allergy, for example, itching or reddish. If your skin types including sensitive skin should avoid products containing perfumes or other materials that cause allergy.

The fourth effort is wipe a sponge on your skin. So you can expedite the circulation of blood bath and help skin look fast. You should each bath, take a moment to wipe the entire surface of your skin with rough sponges but soft. Dead cells also will erode including the dust and sweat, which adheres to the skin. Scrubbing sponges will also stimulate circulation of blood to flow more smoothly. The result, the skin will be bright as healthy.

Finally the skin is protected from the sun. The sun is very important for our lives but the ultra violet rays can be harmful the beauty of your skin. If your skin sunburn will vestige on the skin that cause black stain, white or brown color on your face. To protect you can use sun block out of the house before.

In addition, you can use a hat, umbrella or a patron in the face of the drift under the blazing sun and do not earn any previous-long in the sun directly. Congratulations to try.


Using the serum is one way to maintain the beauty of the skin. Have is precise how you use it?

The term serum in the world of beauty were different from the serum in the field of biology and medicine. "In cosmetics, serum is a liquid material that the content of amino acids, and the use of smeared directly to the skin," said dr. Tridia Sudirga, Sp.KK, dermatologis and Mrs venerologis from Jakarta Boutique Clinic.

Vitamin C Serum
The type of vitamin C serum is the most widely used. Serum content of vitamin C vary, ranging 5 to 20 percent. To prevent early aging, use of vitamin C serum low rate. "But for treatment, the rate is usually high," said Tridia.
Besides as an antioxidant, vitamin C serum is also useful to stimulate the formation of collagen skin, as holders, water (water storage), does not make skin dry, and is damp, and as wound healing (treat the wound).

There are 2 vitamin C serum, the L-Ascorbic acid is soluble in water (water soluble) and ascorbil palmitat soluble in oil (oil soluble).
The debility of serum vitamin C is very easy to change in room temperature. "Usually two or three times the usage has changed is not effective anymore," said Tridia. Therefore, the serum vitamin C is usually packed in small bottles of brownish colour, that is not easily oxidised. The way of usage, "serum should be used once every day," said Tridia.

Vitamin E Serum
Vitamin E is soluble in fat (fat soluble), and there are many in the oil institutions wheat, cereals, yellow eggs, and beef liver. Marginally, the benefits of vitamin E is to damp of skin (moisturizing), as antioxidants and free radical remover. Therefore, the average serum that smeared across the surface of the skin face, hands, neck and every day, is recommended.

Vitamin E Serum is also good for hair care. With the form of serum, the content of vitamin E will not only protect stem hair, but also can penetrate the skin Dermis. "This is different with shampoo, which only coat the skin and stem head of hair," said Tridia. "Like most other vitamins, hair as nutrition, vitamin E is best used in the form of oral consumption.


The increase in age and the various consequences of the increase, followed by the age of a person is a natural process that can not be stopped by anyone. What can you do is slow down the effects or the symptoms caused by the increasing age.

To prepare a solution that can help you delay the aging process to bring a skin care product that can help slow down the aging process. So Erhalogy introduce new products with vitamins A, C, E, equipped with a SPF (Sun Protection Formula) to provide the benefits of solar screen.

Erhalogy aware that the problem of aging is not only experienced by women but also experienced by men. For that reason, you have to do some treatment the following steps to maximize the results.

The first step, you must clean your face from the make-up and dust that stick in your face. But you must choose the appropriate solvents with your skin type. Alternatively, you can use the gel cleanser (moisturizing gel Cleanser), which contain vitamin E and pro vitamin B5 to keep the humidity makes the skin smooth and comfortable skin. This product is very safe to apply around the eyes and lips. The way of its usage is to wipe the face and neck and massage soft with the movement to the top of the circle. Clean with a cotton without you rinse with water.

Wearing sun block (sunscreen), which contain vitamin E and pro vitamin B5 as antioxidants to protect skin from the sun. As gel sunscreen with antioxidants have a double protection against UVA and UVB is very comfortable to use on the skin of your face. This products using titanium dioxide nano-particles, so your face does not impose such masks visible. The way its usage is to wipe equally to all of your face before you perform the activities in the outdoors.

After that, you can put scatter powder adjusted with the type of your skin face. When your face is the normal skin so you can be wearing face powder for all skin types, or for normal skin. Scatter powder is very light and soft because it contains vitamins A, C, E and is enriched with SPF 18, which makes your skin more healthy, smooth, natural and fresh look throughout the day.

Meanwhile, if you have oily skin types so you can be wearing face powder for oily skin and soft light. The powder also contains vitamins A, C, E and diperkaya SPF 18, which makes the skin more healthy, smooth, natural and fresh look throughout the day. You do not need to fear impose powder because this will not make your pimpled face. But if you prefer to impose a two way cake powder then you can try Anti Aging two way cake so your appearance is more beautiful. With smotth powder content, light and sophisticated, with the content is enriched Anti Aging and also formula with SPF 18 protection. Your appearances nowdays is more beautiful and healthy, right? Congratulations to try.

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Have you repeatedly ask why women who sit in front of you looks so fresh face and skin looks so slippery and seems to shine. You do not need to bargain-guessing what is done in the face of women because it can also have your skin shines through the steps.

Washing your face with water and foam cleanser gently twice a day. In addition to clean the face, this action will also cause to fall dead skin cells on the skin of the face, including bacteria and excess oil are involved. Dead skin cells must be lifted from the face because it can trigger the onset acne.

If your skin pimpled face, anti-bacterial soap can be the best option to resolve it. However, if you still doubt in determining the choice of anti-bacterial soap should consult first to a doctor because of skin soap that does not match the skin of your face can cause irritation.

If you do exercise regularly it can accelerate blood circulation so that it can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. Feed adequate oxygen production will encourage the natural substances, namely the skin and encourage collagen regenerating skin. Thus, your skin becomes healthier and look more radiant.

Please note that the skin around the eye area is the most sensitive in the face. Using a sun glasses will protect sensitive areas from the display sunlight can trigger the onset of wrinkles and eye also be spared from the glaring light that can damage.

The water content will be enough to make the skin intact the humidity. The skin will be more moist and chewy fast if compared with the skin dry. You should drink water after exercise to replace the liquids out of the body in the form of perspiration.
Keep your skin with softness minimize the use of products that make up applied to your face. Use the make-up only when necessary so that the only skin you have time to breathe.

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Our body, including skin, need healthy food, healthy fats, such as, the right protein, fruits, and vegetables. This is the five types of food that most healthy for your skin:

Consumption almon handful a day can increase the level of vitamin E, antioxidants important for skin health, also dampen the skin dry. It also protects the skin from aging, inflammation, and even skin cancer.

2. Green tea.
Three cups of green tea a day can contribute enough antioxidants for your body, so that they can against early aging and inflammation. The risk of skin cancer will also be much reduced.

3. Broccoli.
Rich vitamins A, C, and K. Vitamin A can reduce the production of oil, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and vitamin K can prevent the emergence of bruising on the skin. So, eat this wonderfood.

4. Fish.
For example salmon and cod families rich fatty acid Omega-3. This is important for consumption because the body can not produced it. This fatty acid will keep the skin, and prevent the irritation humidify, can even improve skin from chronic diseases such as dermatitis atopik and rosacea. The fish also contain vitamin D to protect the skin from the sun. For those who do not like fish can replace it with flaxseed, hazelnuts, walnut tree nuts.

5. Sunflower oil.
Contains a fatty acid Omega-6 acids such as linoleat important to prevent dry skin and red. It is also vital for the formation of prostaglandin, a hormone to maintain body cells function as well. To get healthy skin, try the salmon consumption, plus broccoli, and flush with a little sunflower oil.


since antiquity, many of which maintain the beauty, but is now more advanced course from the AHA, Kinetin, filler up to Botox. But the actual materials used beauty treatments now used are still used by women. If you want to know what materials treatment, you should see the following.

To face powder you can use the cold, which functions as a mask. Benefits that can be freeze the skin is exposed to face the fierce sun, the skin of the face at once sublime thin stains or Rhodri Morgan. Usually cold powder made from rice starch pollen mixed with the quintessence flowers such as roses, cananga, champac or pandanus leaves and jasmine. So, other than to treat the skin, also provides a fragrant aroma. Packaging powder usually cold orb-shaped spherule. Before you spread the powder, destroyed first-round cold powder into powder and mixed with a little water rose.

From since the antiquity, the mask has been known to treat your face. Various materials used as a mask such as bengkuang to remove the stain and face up skin, avocado, to provide humidity and tomatoes to refine the skin. Material rice can also be used as a mask combination with ginger and sulfur to pimply skin. This is the same as powder cold, raw materials main rice pounded until fine and mixed with rose water before dabbed in the face.

If the currently known AHA, BHA, Kinetin, which all contain sour (acid) as a material Regeneration (rejuvenation) skin, then it is known as the mask of papaya and tamarind bred to become face more younger.

Previously, women also have scrubs that aims to cause to fall layer of dead skin also. Scrubs such as shellfish from the powder mixed with rosewater or rice flour mixed with the essence of starch and yellow roses mixed with water. Usually the material is smeared on the skin and rubbed scrape the skin so that dead skin cells scaling off
For moisturizer usually women are often great way to use oil as a face moisturizer, such as oil and olive oil smooth. Oil from the quintessence rose also commonly used as moisturizer, solvents, as well as fragrant. You are interested to try natural treatments over? Please try.


Every woman wants to have the healthy and beautiful skin. The healthy skin is skin that has a normal function without the aberration and disease. To have a healthy skin is not easy and can not be obtained quickly and instantly. You have to do is treat the skin starts early and regularly.

This is because the human skin consists of a layer of epidermis, Dermis layer of fat and skin. Skin cells that grow continuously and change about every 28 days once. In the epidermal layer, a component that regulates the water or humidity, and skin cells that produce melanosit skin color. In the aging process , epidermis become thin, the water content is tapering off and cause skin to become dry and dull.

Dermis layer on the sect there are elastin and collagen, which determine the tension skin, the cells sensitive nerve, blood vessel oil glands, sweat glands and hair roots. In the aging process, all the components of this decrease and changes, the skin becomes loose and wrinkled.

To get that healthy skin you should protect the skin against the sun shelf. Because the sun plays a role in the process of aging, especially early ultra violet rays, which consists of UVB rays, UVA and UVC. UVB rays damage collagen and elastin fibers, burning the skin will increase the risk of skin cancer.

UVA rays causing blacken skin and also increase the risk of skin cancer. Ray is most dangerous because they are carcinogenic (causing cancer) and you should avoid peak UV radiation at 09.00 hours until 16:00. But the UV ray before 09.00 hours very useful for the formation of vitamin D. So you can sunbathe 15 minutes in the part of face and hands just enough to meet the needs of vitamin D for the day.

The sunscreen is very good for health to face your skin. Because the sunscreen contains substances that protect the skin of your face is not exposed to UV rays. You should consider the value of the SPF, or Sun Protecting Factor is protective against scores of UV can cause skin burning sun about 20 minutes. When the value of SPF 15 will protect the skin from the sun for 15 x 20 minutes. So you use sun block at least SPF 15 and wearing at least 30 minutes before you are exposed to sunlight display. If you spent too much sweat then you can repeat put sunscreen every 2 hours. Use sunscreen on the face and hands that are not closed clothing.

In addition, you must also treat and use of good cosmetics and appropriate to your skin type. If you have oily skin you can select the types of cosmetics based lotion or gel and powder. For those of you who have sensitive skin so you can use the product hipoalergenik that do not contain pigments and fragrance product with acidity (pH) skin that is about 5.5. For allergy sufferer, you can choose the product which does not contain material that often cause irritation reactions and allergic contact such as PABA and anolin.

If you want to try new cosmetics you should test the spread of arms in the hands of bottom side or back of the ear and leave for 24 or 48 hours. If there is no reaction, the itching and other products are safe to use. Wearing cosmetics as necessary, not excessive or exceed the rules for use.

When you want to smear on the skin you should not rub too hard or thick. You also have to be careful in areas such as the thin skin around the eyes and skin fold. You need to remember is, after skin young and the elderly will be more sensitive. If there is a skin disease or injury, you should avoid using cosmetics scrubs because it will dilute your skin. So, will be better if you use facial scrubs or masks twice a week, as well as body scrubs, or Well.

You have to do is treat the skin daily with some principles such as cleaning, refreshment, moisturizer and protective or sunscreen. Make cleaning dead skin on the face with a facial action, just once a month. Congratulations to try.

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A healthy skin will make people look more fresh and young. Especially for women who want to look beautiful and durable young, the health skin is one of the most important thing that must be considered.

Do not Smoking
Smoking will damage the small circulation in the skin, making the skin look dull and not bright, will add wrinkles in the skin, especially on the skin around the mouth.

Diet with healthy foods that are balanced, containing many vegetables and fruits to meet the adequate vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Exercise regularly will make the skin healthy and ideal body weight.

Enough Sleep
Sleep is necessary to improve the cells damaged, including skin cells. Making skin and body become fresh.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption
Excessive alcohol consumption also can damage the liver.

Protect from the sun
Danger from the sun is ultraviolet rays radiated, which can damage the skin collagen net. Skin will become thin and easy to occur wrinkles.

The Stress
Stress can damage of health and will also affect the face and form of your body.

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