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Our body, including skin, need healthy food, healthy fats, such as, the right protein, fruits, and vegetables. This is the five types of food that most healthy for your skin:

Consumption almon handful a day can increase the level of vitamin E, antioxidants important for skin health, also dampen the skin dry. It also protects the skin from aging, inflammation, and even skin cancer.

2. Green tea.
Three cups of green tea a day can contribute enough antioxidants for your body, so that they can against early aging and inflammation. The risk of skin cancer will also be much reduced.

3. Broccoli.
Rich vitamins A, C, and K. Vitamin A can reduce the production of oil, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and vitamin K can prevent the emergence of bruising on the skin. So, eat this wonderfood.

4. Fish.
For example salmon and cod families rich fatty acid Omega-3. This is important for consumption because the body can not produced it. This fatty acid will keep the skin, and prevent the irritation humidify, can even improve skin from chronic diseases such as dermatitis atopik and rosacea. The fish also contain vitamin D to protect the skin from the sun. For those who do not like fish can replace it with flaxseed, hazelnuts, walnut tree nuts.

5. Sunflower oil.
Contains a fatty acid Omega-6 acids such as linoleat important to prevent dry skin and red. It is also vital for the formation of prostaglandin, a hormone to maintain body cells function as well. To get healthy skin, try the salmon consumption, plus broccoli, and flush with a little sunflower oil.

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