Minggu, 09 November 2008


Smooth skin is ideal for every woman. However, to treat the skin was not as you imagine. You can also save time at the cost of treatment to remove. The result will remain the same effective treatment in the saloon with the most important is that you should do routinely.

The first step you have to do is a routine exercise so as to the musculature will loose and tight. So that will make the skin look healthier and far from any wrinkles and cellulite. Choose a lightweight sports, but will provide a sufficient prima Jogging such as sports or exercises.

The second is that your food consumption should be nutritious because it will radiate through your skin. Vegetables and fresh fruit is very good for skin health. Choose foods that vary each day and avoid consuming food that it is only.

The third is using lotion because of a hand lotion & body cream or the other can help skin feels so smooth and soft. However, for sensitive skin types, cosmetic products is precisely to create a skin allergy, for example, itching or reddish. If your skin types including sensitive skin should avoid products containing perfumes or other materials that cause allergy.

The fourth effort is wipe a sponge on your skin. So you can expedite the circulation of blood bath and help skin look fast. You should each bath, take a moment to wipe the entire surface of your skin with rough sponges but soft. Dead cells also will erode including the dust and sweat, which adheres to the skin. Scrubbing sponges will also stimulate circulation of blood to flow more smoothly. The result, the skin will be bright as healthy.

Finally the skin is protected from the sun. The sun is very important for our lives but the ultra violet rays can be harmful the beauty of your skin. If your skin sunburn will vestige on the skin that cause black stain, white or brown color on your face. To protect you can use sun block out of the house before.

In addition, you can use a hat, umbrella or a patron in the face of the drift under the blazing sun and do not earn any previous-long in the sun directly. Congratulations to try.

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