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Every woman wants to have the healthy and beautiful skin. The healthy skin is skin that has a normal function without the aberration and disease. To have a healthy skin is not easy and can not be obtained quickly and instantly. You have to do is treat the skin starts early and regularly.

This is because the human skin consists of a layer of epidermis, Dermis layer of fat and skin. Skin cells that grow continuously and change about every 28 days once. In the epidermal layer, a component that regulates the water or humidity, and skin cells that produce melanosit skin color. In the aging process , epidermis become thin, the water content is tapering off and cause skin to become dry and dull.

Dermis layer on the sect there are elastin and collagen, which determine the tension skin, the cells sensitive nerve, blood vessel oil glands, sweat glands and hair roots. In the aging process, all the components of this decrease and changes, the skin becomes loose and wrinkled.

To get that healthy skin you should protect the skin against the sun shelf. Because the sun plays a role in the process of aging, especially early ultra violet rays, which consists of UVB rays, UVA and UVC. UVB rays damage collagen and elastin fibers, burning the skin will increase the risk of skin cancer.

UVA rays causing blacken skin and also increase the risk of skin cancer. Ray is most dangerous because they are carcinogenic (causing cancer) and you should avoid peak UV radiation at 09.00 hours until 16:00. But the UV ray before 09.00 hours very useful for the formation of vitamin D. So you can sunbathe 15 minutes in the part of face and hands just enough to meet the needs of vitamin D for the day.

The sunscreen is very good for health to face your skin. Because the sunscreen contains substances that protect the skin of your face is not exposed to UV rays. You should consider the value of the SPF, or Sun Protecting Factor is protective against scores of UV can cause skin burning sun about 20 minutes. When the value of SPF 15 will protect the skin from the sun for 15 x 20 minutes. So you use sun block at least SPF 15 and wearing at least 30 minutes before you are exposed to sunlight display. If you spent too much sweat then you can repeat put sunscreen every 2 hours. Use sunscreen on the face and hands that are not closed clothing.

In addition, you must also treat and use of good cosmetics and appropriate to your skin type. If you have oily skin you can select the types of cosmetics based lotion or gel and powder. For those of you who have sensitive skin so you can use the product hipoalergenik that do not contain pigments and fragrance product with acidity (pH) skin that is about 5.5. For allergy sufferer, you can choose the product which does not contain material that often cause irritation reactions and allergic contact such as PABA and anolin.

If you want to try new cosmetics you should test the spread of arms in the hands of bottom side or back of the ear and leave for 24 or 48 hours. If there is no reaction, the itching and other products are safe to use. Wearing cosmetics as necessary, not excessive or exceed the rules for use.

When you want to smear on the skin you should not rub too hard or thick. You also have to be careful in areas such as the thin skin around the eyes and skin fold. You need to remember is, after skin young and the elderly will be more sensitive. If there is a skin disease or injury, you should avoid using cosmetics scrubs because it will dilute your skin. So, will be better if you use facial scrubs or masks twice a week, as well as body scrubs, or Well.

You have to do is treat the skin daily with some principles such as cleaning, refreshment, moisturizer and protective or sunscreen. Make cleaning dead skin on the face with a facial action, just once a month. Congratulations to try.

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