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since antiquity, many of which maintain the beauty, but is now more advanced course from the AHA, Kinetin, filler up to Botox. But the actual materials used beauty treatments now used are still used by women. If you want to know what materials treatment, you should see the following.

To face powder you can use the cold, which functions as a mask. Benefits that can be freeze the skin is exposed to face the fierce sun, the skin of the face at once sublime thin stains or Rhodri Morgan. Usually cold powder made from rice starch pollen mixed with the quintessence flowers such as roses, cananga, champac or pandanus leaves and jasmine. So, other than to treat the skin, also provides a fragrant aroma. Packaging powder usually cold orb-shaped spherule. Before you spread the powder, destroyed first-round cold powder into powder and mixed with a little water rose.

From since the antiquity, the mask has been known to treat your face. Various materials used as a mask such as bengkuang to remove the stain and face up skin, avocado, to provide humidity and tomatoes to refine the skin. Material rice can also be used as a mask combination with ginger and sulfur to pimply skin. This is the same as powder cold, raw materials main rice pounded until fine and mixed with rose water before dabbed in the face.

If the currently known AHA, BHA, Kinetin, which all contain sour (acid) as a material Regeneration (rejuvenation) skin, then it is known as the mask of papaya and tamarind bred to become face more younger.

Previously, women also have scrubs that aims to cause to fall layer of dead skin also. Scrubs such as shellfish from the powder mixed with rosewater or rice flour mixed with the essence of starch and yellow roses mixed with water. Usually the material is smeared on the skin and rubbed scrape the skin so that dead skin cells scaling off
For moisturizer usually women are often great way to use oil as a face moisturizer, such as oil and olive oil smooth. Oil from the quintessence rose also commonly used as moisturizer, solvents, as well as fragrant. You are interested to try natural treatments over? Please try.

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