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The increase in age and the various consequences of the increase, followed by the age of a person is a natural process that can not be stopped by anyone. What can you do is slow down the effects or the symptoms caused by the increasing age.

To prepare a solution that can help you delay the aging process to bring a skin care product that can help slow down the aging process. So Erhalogy introduce new products with vitamins A, C, E, equipped with a SPF (Sun Protection Formula) to provide the benefits of solar screen.

Erhalogy aware that the problem of aging is not only experienced by women but also experienced by men. For that reason, you have to do some treatment the following steps to maximize the results.

The first step, you must clean your face from the make-up and dust that stick in your face. But you must choose the appropriate solvents with your skin type. Alternatively, you can use the gel cleanser (moisturizing gel Cleanser), which contain vitamin E and pro vitamin B5 to keep the humidity makes the skin smooth and comfortable skin. This product is very safe to apply around the eyes and lips. The way of its usage is to wipe the face and neck and massage soft with the movement to the top of the circle. Clean with a cotton without you rinse with water.

Wearing sun block (sunscreen), which contain vitamin E and pro vitamin B5 as antioxidants to protect skin from the sun. As gel sunscreen with antioxidants have a double protection against UVA and UVB is very comfortable to use on the skin of your face. This products using titanium dioxide nano-particles, so your face does not impose such masks visible. The way its usage is to wipe equally to all of your face before you perform the activities in the outdoors.

After that, you can put scatter powder adjusted with the type of your skin face. When your face is the normal skin so you can be wearing face powder for all skin types, or for normal skin. Scatter powder is very light and soft because it contains vitamins A, C, E and is enriched with SPF 18, which makes your skin more healthy, smooth, natural and fresh look throughout the day.

Meanwhile, if you have oily skin types so you can be wearing face powder for oily skin and soft light. The powder also contains vitamins A, C, E and diperkaya SPF 18, which makes the skin more healthy, smooth, natural and fresh look throughout the day. You do not need to fear impose powder because this will not make your pimpled face. But if you prefer to impose a two way cake powder then you can try Anti Aging two way cake so your appearance is more beautiful. With smotth powder content, light and sophisticated, with the content is enriched Anti Aging and also formula with SPF 18 protection. Your appearances nowdays is more beautiful and healthy, right? Congratulations to try.

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