Sabtu, 08 November 2008


Have you repeatedly ask why women who sit in front of you looks so fresh face and skin looks so slippery and seems to shine. You do not need to bargain-guessing what is done in the face of women because it can also have your skin shines through the steps.

Washing your face with water and foam cleanser gently twice a day. In addition to clean the face, this action will also cause to fall dead skin cells on the skin of the face, including bacteria and excess oil are involved. Dead skin cells must be lifted from the face because it can trigger the onset acne.

If your skin pimpled face, anti-bacterial soap can be the best option to resolve it. However, if you still doubt in determining the choice of anti-bacterial soap should consult first to a doctor because of skin soap that does not match the skin of your face can cause irritation.

If you do exercise regularly it can accelerate blood circulation so that it can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. Feed adequate oxygen production will encourage the natural substances, namely the skin and encourage collagen regenerating skin. Thus, your skin becomes healthier and look more radiant.

Please note that the skin around the eye area is the most sensitive in the face. Using a sun glasses will protect sensitive areas from the display sunlight can trigger the onset of wrinkles and eye also be spared from the glaring light that can damage.

The water content will be enough to make the skin intact the humidity. The skin will be more moist and chewy fast if compared with the skin dry. You should drink water after exercise to replace the liquids out of the body in the form of perspiration.
Keep your skin with softness minimize the use of products that make up applied to your face. Use the make-up only when necessary so that the only skin you have time to breathe.

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