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Using the serum is one way to maintain the beauty of the skin. Have is precise how you use it?

The term serum in the world of beauty were different from the serum in the field of biology and medicine. "In cosmetics, serum is a liquid material that the content of amino acids, and the use of smeared directly to the skin," said dr. Tridia Sudirga, Sp.KK, dermatologis and Mrs venerologis from Jakarta Boutique Clinic.

Vitamin C Serum
The type of vitamin C serum is the most widely used. Serum content of vitamin C vary, ranging 5 to 20 percent. To prevent early aging, use of vitamin C serum low rate. "But for treatment, the rate is usually high," said Tridia.
Besides as an antioxidant, vitamin C serum is also useful to stimulate the formation of collagen skin, as holders, water (water storage), does not make skin dry, and is damp, and as wound healing (treat the wound).

There are 2 vitamin C serum, the L-Ascorbic acid is soluble in water (water soluble) and ascorbil palmitat soluble in oil (oil soluble).
The debility of serum vitamin C is very easy to change in room temperature. "Usually two or three times the usage has changed is not effective anymore," said Tridia. Therefore, the serum vitamin C is usually packed in small bottles of brownish colour, that is not easily oxidised. The way of usage, "serum should be used once every day," said Tridia.

Vitamin E Serum
Vitamin E is soluble in fat (fat soluble), and there are many in the oil institutions wheat, cereals, yellow eggs, and beef liver. Marginally, the benefits of vitamin E is to damp of skin (moisturizing), as antioxidants and free radical remover. Therefore, the average serum that smeared across the surface of the skin face, hands, neck and every day, is recommended.

Vitamin E Serum is also good for hair care. With the form of serum, the content of vitamin E will not only protect stem hair, but also can penetrate the skin Dermis. "This is different with shampoo, which only coat the skin and stem head of hair," said Tridia. "Like most other vitamins, hair as nutrition, vitamin E is best used in the form of oral consumption.

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