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Water vapor is a skin rejuvenator for the tired skin and you can use as a face beauty. There are several things to note if you want to do face evaporation. You also have to know that there are several types of steam and steam equipment manufacturer.

Maybe if you often do in the salon then you will know the steam tool or Radiant heat (infra red light to heat the skin in order to skin cells die and cork at pores in the skin becomes soft and easily cleaned. In addition, the warming of the skin will stretch of vein so nutrition and oxygen to the skin cells will be better.

With the correct cleaning process, which is due to the gagging of pore because cells dead skin and dirt or sebum skin known as comedo closed or milia or white head (acne that does not inflame which the surface is still closed by a thin layer of skin). Can be cleaned by extraction by using microlander after steam and comedo (a small bump acne black spotted) due to the oxidized of air can be removed (after conduct the steam) by strong press with the finger coated with a clean tissue.

Evaporation with the herb. Caring face with herb-infused steam (herbal admission steam) or evaporation with a mixture of essential oil is the best method to clean the skin and eliminate defects.

Yawn face activities with a mixture of herbal oil or oil-essential aims to clean pores till inside and help to chase the toxins, clean the dirt and dust which inherent in the surface of the skin, improve blood circulation and refine the outline sketch-smooth skin on the face, especially around brow and help to damp skin.

Clean the face is the important part of a series of skin care. During you have outdoor activities almost can be ascertained dirt and pollution will patch your face. Do not let the dirt patch during the night in your face.

Cleaning skin up to the layer of skin pores in the skin (Deep Cleansing) can take place at the time face is steamed or be heated. Precisely when the skin pores open accompanied by the use of materials that can cause to fall skin cells die (or use exfoliator scrubs depending on the type and condition) or twice a week depending on skin type and condition.

Cleaning quite like this enough one or twice a week depending on skin type and condition. If you will attend special events such as the party it is better if you do not do with comedo cleaning with Extractor comedo the previous day. Because the chase dirt from the skin in this way likely will lead to 'defect' in your skin and needed several days to return to normal skin. Congratulations to try.

Senin, 29 Desember 2008


Face skin face can never lie to say that indeed your age. But you can do the tactics so that your face skin still look beautiful and captivating in despite of your age not young anymore. Because the level of elasticity and skin elasticity will be reduced.

Every women definitely want to have the face skin which remains tight even though you can not return your face skin elasticity, such as baby skin. There is various effort that you can do to rejuvenate your skin.

The one that you must do is use of mask to your face. Indeed, many mask that circulated in a market which you can use to your face skin. But you can also create masks using strawberry as the main material in order to tighten your face skin.

This red fruit contains many salisilat acid which is one type of acid beta-hydkroksi that can help tighten the skin, Silica and vitamins B, C, E and K. This fruit has the ability to make healthy and rejuvenate the skin and strawberry mask is used both for almost all types of skin.

How to create this mask is very easy. The first you pulverize some fresh strawberry fruit which leaves and stalks have been removed. Afterwards, wipe the two tablespoon of dough on your face and leave for 15 minutes. Then you Rinse with sterile or normal warm water.

If you want to get a toning effect stronger hence you can add a little white egg then shake it. Then enter the one tablespoon rose water and some drops of frankincense essential oil. Do this masks twice in a week and you will see the results.


Vitamin C and A from star fruit effectively help to minimize of skin face pores, cooling and refreshing of face. The Obstetrical of mineral can help to reduce of skin exhaustion and make the beam fresh face.

The way is :

- Wash of star fruit till clean
- Cut to pieces
- Gluing on the skin which is much oil
- Hushed during or about 5 minutes
- Rinse with clean water

Now you can come up with fresh face and free of oil.


fA basket of potatoes price is not expensive, delicious and can be used in a number of different ways, for example, for face. During the financial crisis in a situation now, we all turn back to tighten belt. And if the use of these materials in the kitchen to fight against for the beauty problem and skin can relieve pocket, why not? Following is any kind that can be offered of a potato to overcome a number problem of face and skin every day. Let more smoother and shining .

1. Remove of eye poke
The female cast so much money for miraculous cream that claimed can disguise of dark circles, and for overcome that we need some potatoes. Cross cut one raw potatoe and put down above enduing flimsy cheese, then place it under the eye during 20 minutes. Scientists mention taht catecholase substances in the potato can shine of skin and will chase circle-eyes.

2. Throwing away pock in the face.
Wash your face with some potato juice every day, will help you to reduce some black stains that be naughty. Problem could be solved early with potato juice, we encourage you to try it first. However, if there is no successful there is a simple way by washing your face with clean water.

3. Potato mask.
First grat same pieces of potato, dab and rub to the skin, you can do carefully and give attention to the most damaged area. Lets the dregs to patch for 30 minutes, before you wipe it with clean water and a little vinegar water.

4. Make Cleanser with potatoes? Why not?
First mix of grated cucumber and potatoes for about 20 seconds. It is important to know that you do not peel of cucumbers or potatoes skin. Then add one teaspoon of baking soda flour, an egg and a quarter cup of water, and blend in low speed for a minute, before applying the liquid , clean the face with a soft towel facial.

Sabtu, 27 Desember 2008


Milk is good for the body health, especially if you do skin care with the milk they will produce the skin smooth and shining. Indeed, milk is very useful when you drink each day to maintain the health of bones and teeth. Milk is very important for women because they contain high calcium that will help fight osteoporosis or bone porous. But milk also can be a powerful weapon for the beauty of your face and body. There are several benefits and the use of milk so that your skin is always shining and healthy.

The mask of milk
You can wear a mask with the basic materials yoghurt or milk as a mask. Perhaps this potent concoction to frighten away of early aging and chase of stain on the face. By the way, that is very easy by blend two teaspoon of vitamin E to a bowl, add two spoons of yoghurt, half a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice and mixed overall. Dab to the entire face and let seep for 15 minutes. Washing your face with warm water till really clean.

Milk can also minimize of pore. If you have a problem with a large pores, open and want the skin shining you can use sour cream (sour milk). Dairy products is very powerful to avert of large pore complaint. The way is by taking of adequate sour cream, wash to the face and neck. Wait for 15 minutes and wash till clean. So you will feel the difference.

Content of milk also proven effective to reduce skin irritation, lighten red spots on the baby, reduce allergic reactions in the skin and help to heal wounds. If you have irritation or sensitive skin so washing of sweet or sour milk, cream or buttermilk and leave to dry itself.

If you want to take a bath with milk then prepare (bathtub) added with a cup of instant milk powder into water bath to provide nutrition to the skin and softening it. You can do scrubbing to slough off dead skin with a little salt dissolves in the boiling water and add four cups of instant milk without the fat into it. Bathe during 20 minutes to the water tepid, do scrubing with the loofah. This is very powerful to shine skin and reduce swelling and skin wounds in your face. Congratulations to try.


When you wake up from sleep then take an mirror, and look at the face appeared there is a smooth wrinkling around the eyes. Sense of fear arising and fulfill your mind. While swallowing the fact that making less happy for you which almost enter the age head of three . You do not know what to do in order that wrinkling can lose.

Wrinkling in the face despite the fine but will appear like 'monster' that they will fitful of womanhood. Although this condition is a natural process, but most women no longer assign awaits' fate '. Possible options for overcoming such Facelift or a Botox injection was passesd trough in your head.

But before do the ‘big’ steps, it is better if you see to the contents of your bowl of fruit on the table. You try to gather mask to eliminate wrinkling in your face. You can make a banana mask to prevent wrinkling increase in your face. Besides giving worthwhile nutrition for the skin, bananas was able to hold water content in skin cells that remain intact skin elasticity. Vitamin C content also can help of face can to scrape dead skin cells so that the skin of the face may appear more shining.

To obtain the mask of bananas ready for use, you can follow the following steps. The materials you need is 1 / 4 of bananas and

1 tablespoon of honey. Ways of making it is very easy to pound bananas until smooth. Then put the honey and stir well until the texture changes, such as cream.

After the mask dough has been mixed with to flatten. Dab banana mask to your face and all Leave for 30 minutes. Wipe of mask with a towel which have been wetted with warm water.

After that sprinkle your face with cold water to back fresh. Use of this mask every once in a week regularly hence you can see the results.

So you do not need the expensive cost to prevent the appearane of wrinkling on your face. Try this at home .... So you can feel how fresh this mask ....


Skin care not only be done with just a modern way. For those of you who want to use the traditional means there is no wrong to become a routine treatment choice. Besides the cost is quite cheap, the results also impressive. For example, to whiten skin of the face, there are traditional ways we can do without any side effects. Those parents before us, have been doing this treatment since a long time.
This fruit is one of the better known as the remover of stinking aroma or a mixture of flavoring foods. But actually, water of this lemon is also has a lot of benefits for health and beauty. Water that comes from this fruit is able to make of minimize pores and remove the excess fat on the oily skin types.
To tighten the skin pores, take the meat of lemon, and you can dab it to your skin face. Usually in places around the nose and cheek which its the pores seen big. Meanwhile, to whiten the skin and refine the face, you can wipe pieces of lemon on the face and other parts of the body skin that you want brightened. Do this regularly, at least once a week. Undoubtedly, your skin will appear bright and smooth.

Kamis, 25 Desember 2008


Nowadays caring for themselves at the salon is not taboo for men and metrosexual trend is the master mind. Men no longer need to appear coquettish with face captivating as a result of salon treatment. Ten years ago the lover of beauty salon is still dominated by women but men are now happy to start caring for themselves at the salon or spa.

At the spa the man is addictive to do scrubbing, aroma therapy massage and facial or face treatments. Metrosexual figure represent factors that support the success of a man. Nowadays men realize that a fresh look and maintained is greatly needed to help them achieve success when they must relate with important clients in the business.

There is a little difference in treatment for men and women. Treatment for men it is intended to target, not many its "flowers." Women like with the "flowers" such as facial skin massage after cleaned. But men do not like to spend too long for do that.

Fortunately the man because they do not obliged to impose face make up so that it does not take long time to clean up the make up such in the eyes and lips like women.

About the frequency of treatment, all depending on the problems faced by the pertinent men. When your face have problems with the acne, treatment can be done once a week. If only to treat the face that is smooth, can be done two weeks or once a month. Treatment for acne face even also will not leave the former ex-red at all.

In principle, there is no significant difference in treatment between men and women face. Its phases even also not much different with the women only the time treatment is shorter. Following the steps you need to do.

The first, clean face. Use clean mineral water and take spons to wipe with one wear type.
Flake with enzyme (enzyme Peeling). Dab lips with a kind of gel. The goal is to protect the lips from the bad effects of hot steam which is obliged to be given before flaking the skin face with enzyme. After several minutes, steam heat will open the pores. At that time a new enzyme be smeared evenly to the face. Enzyme which is made from fruit extract. This enzyme is only slough off dead skin cells cortex.

To remove comedo and acne. Face is steamed again to open the pore. Comedo and acne is removed from face skin. This process is then ended with a high frequency equipment in the former location of comedo and acne. The goal is to kill bacteria and make the skin where the former location of acne is not red visible.

The next step is to cover the entire face with a special mask anti acne. Let it a few moment until mask run dry.
Closing pore with the ice globe. Lift the mask carefully and wash all face with mineral water. Usually beauty salon use ice cube block to close the pore. Or you can use a refrigerated ice globe to close the pore.

The last stage is spread acne drugs, moisturizer, sun screen in the face in order to protected from the fierce sun. Now your face will be bright and captivating.

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