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The type of skin every person's different is normal, oily, dry or combination. The rate of oil, the size of pores and the rate of drought is the determinant factors of the skin of each person. If you want to identify the type of skin you should do the following steps.

Wash your face and Leave for 30 minutes and then put a piece of tissue paper on each area in the face of the brow, nose, chin and cheek. You look at the face where the oily then you will leave the oil used in your paper tissue. Here's an explanation that you can learn about the type of skin to know more.

Normal skin
This type of skin usually has a water content of the oil and balanced so that the humidity is very good. The size of pores is the skin is normal. When you pinch the skin of the face, the skin will immediately return to the place. Lines and signs of aging will appear in increasing age.

Oily skin
Usually marked with the texture of the skin of the face tend to be rough. Oily skin caused by the production of oil glands that are very active. Generally, the oily part will look shiny and the size pore including large. So you often pimply. The dead skin on your face will appear darker when exposed to air outside and will establish “komedo”.

Dry skin
The texture of dry skin generally tend to look rough and flaky. No part of the skin tends to shine even look gloomy and dull. Pore-hole have a small size. Without adequate humidity will cause the skin to become dry easily split. The signs of aging will be seen more clearly if you have dry skin compared with other types of skin.

Combination Skin
Combination Skin is a combination of dry skin and oily skin with a different level. Generally, the area Q brow, nose and chin will be more oily while on the cheek and neck areas will be dry. In general, people have a combination skin than dry skin or oily skin.

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