Senin, 29 Desember 2008


Face skin face can never lie to say that indeed your age. But you can do the tactics so that your face skin still look beautiful and captivating in despite of your age not young anymore. Because the level of elasticity and skin elasticity will be reduced.

Every women definitely want to have the face skin which remains tight even though you can not return your face skin elasticity, such as baby skin. There is various effort that you can do to rejuvenate your skin.

The one that you must do is use of mask to your face. Indeed, many mask that circulated in a market which you can use to your face skin. But you can also create masks using strawberry as the main material in order to tighten your face skin.

This red fruit contains many salisilat acid which is one type of acid beta-hydkroksi that can help tighten the skin, Silica and vitamins B, C, E and K. This fruit has the ability to make healthy and rejuvenate the skin and strawberry mask is used both for almost all types of skin.

How to create this mask is very easy. The first you pulverize some fresh strawberry fruit which leaves and stalks have been removed. Afterwards, wipe the two tablespoon of dough on your face and leave for 15 minutes. Then you Rinse with sterile or normal warm water.

If you want to get a toning effect stronger hence you can add a little white egg then shake it. Then enter the one tablespoon rose water and some drops of frankincense essential oil. Do this masks twice in a week and you will see the results.

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