Sabtu, 27 Desember 2008


When you wake up from sleep then take an mirror, and look at the face appeared there is a smooth wrinkling around the eyes. Sense of fear arising and fulfill your mind. While swallowing the fact that making less happy for you which almost enter the age head of three . You do not know what to do in order that wrinkling can lose.

Wrinkling in the face despite the fine but will appear like 'monster' that they will fitful of womanhood. Although this condition is a natural process, but most women no longer assign awaits' fate '. Possible options for overcoming such Facelift or a Botox injection was passesd trough in your head.

But before do the ‘big’ steps, it is better if you see to the contents of your bowl of fruit on the table. You try to gather mask to eliminate wrinkling in your face. You can make a banana mask to prevent wrinkling increase in your face. Besides giving worthwhile nutrition for the skin, bananas was able to hold water content in skin cells that remain intact skin elasticity. Vitamin C content also can help of face can to scrape dead skin cells so that the skin of the face may appear more shining.

To obtain the mask of bananas ready for use, you can follow the following steps. The materials you need is 1 / 4 of bananas and

1 tablespoon of honey. Ways of making it is very easy to pound bananas until smooth. Then put the honey and stir well until the texture changes, such as cream.

After the mask dough has been mixed with to flatten. Dab banana mask to your face and all Leave for 30 minutes. Wipe of mask with a towel which have been wetted with warm water.

After that sprinkle your face with cold water to back fresh. Use of this mask every once in a week regularly hence you can see the results.

So you do not need the expensive cost to prevent the appearane of wrinkling on your face. Try this at home .... So you can feel how fresh this mask ....

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