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In a day, you will benefit sunlight in the morning as a source of vitamin D naturally. However, in the middle of the day, the sun can cause a disease called Karsinoma scar cells. Karsinoma scar cells is the cancer that comes from the bottom layer of epidermis.

More than 90% cancers growth in skin, which routinely exposed to sunlight or other ultraviolet radiation. Karsinoma scar cells can also be found on the scalp. The disease most often occurs in the age above 40 years old.

However, other risk factors that could cause the emergence of this disease is a genetic factor (often occur in the skin bright, blue or green eyes and blonde or red hair); X-ray exposure is excessive or other radiation.

Karsinoma scar cells normally attack the surface of the skin exposed to sunlight. Tumors started as a bump slippery are very small (nodul) and grow very slowly, sometimes very slow, so we do not pay attention. However it is necessary to allert, because the speed of growth in each tumor is different and there is a size reached 2.5 cm in 1 year.

In the middle of nodul can be formed ulcer or scald. Sometimes a cancer to grow horizontal and appear as a scar net. Periphery boundary cancer sometimes appear to whiten.

Cancer can get into bleeding and form a scab and then recover, so some people guess as injured and not cancer. Actually, commutation between the bleeding and healing is a characteristic unique to the cells karsinoma basalt or karsinoma cells skuamosa.

Karsinoma scar cells rarely spread to distant parts of the body, but more often penetrate and damage the net in the surrounding areas. If karsinoma scar cells grow near the eyes, mouth, bone or brain, the invasion of cancer can result in very serious. Tumors lifting in early can prevent great damage to the structure underneath.

Diagnosis is done through the symptoms. As a standard procedure to strengthen the diagnosis is usually made with a skin biopsy.

For treatment, cancer was lifted by picked and burned with electric needle (kuretase and elektrodesikasi) or cut with a scalpel. Previous vaccination is given anesthesia.

Rarely do radiation therapy for cancer. However, for recurrent tumor cells and karsinoma scar that resembles a net of scars, can be done Microscopic surgery (Mohs surgery).

This cancer can be prevented with a few ways:
1. Protect your skin from the sun with hats, long sleeve shirts, long pants or long skirt.
2. The sun is the most powerful in the middle of the day, it should avoid the sun in the middle of the day.
3. Use high-quality sun screen, with at least SPF 15, that UV A and UV B.
4. Dab sun screen minimum half hour before go outside and dab it as often as possible.

As a note, you should often check the skin regularly to learn about the various changes that lead to violence (the growth of new skin in the form ulcer, easy bleeding, difficult recovery, change color, size, structure, very painful, red or itchy).

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