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fA basket of potatoes price is not expensive, delicious and can be used in a number of different ways, for example, for face. During the financial crisis in a situation now, we all turn back to tighten belt. And if the use of these materials in the kitchen to fight against for the beauty problem and skin can relieve pocket, why not? Following is any kind that can be offered of a potato to overcome a number problem of face and skin every day. Let more smoother and shining .

1. Remove of eye poke
The female cast so much money for miraculous cream that claimed can disguise of dark circles, and for overcome that we need some potatoes. Cross cut one raw potatoe and put down above enduing flimsy cheese, then place it under the eye during 20 minutes. Scientists mention taht catecholase substances in the potato can shine of skin and will chase circle-eyes.

2. Throwing away pock in the face.
Wash your face with some potato juice every day, will help you to reduce some black stains that be naughty. Problem could be solved early with potato juice, we encourage you to try it first. However, if there is no successful there is a simple way by washing your face with clean water.

3. Potato mask.
First grat same pieces of potato, dab and rub to the skin, you can do carefully and give attention to the most damaged area. Lets the dregs to patch for 30 minutes, before you wipe it with clean water and a little vinegar water.

4. Make Cleanser with potatoes? Why not?
First mix of grated cucumber and potatoes for about 20 seconds. It is important to know that you do not peel of cucumbers or potatoes skin. Then add one teaspoon of baking soda flour, an egg and a quarter cup of water, and blend in low speed for a minute, before applying the liquid , clean the face with a soft towel facial.

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