Rabu, 24 Desember 2008


Although your back and chest skin is closed by the clothes but it is not wrong if you do a treatment to that part. Moreover, if at one time when you must use clothes that have low proportioned both in front and also back. For that you need to do skin care to look more beautiful and more confident.

Actually which make the skin is not delicate because of the appearance of acnes on your back. Acnes arise due as a result of existence of abundant fat because the excess of hormones during the pre-syndrom menstruation, stress or eating patterns that are less good.

If you rarely to take care it your body skin will look dull, so will disrupt the comfort and trust yourself. There are the simple ways which you can do that is by rub your back while bathing with a special brush. You should also do some treatment so that your skin is shining again.

Do massage around the back before treatment. The way is by pressing the back part by the middle finger then move to turn around. Do the same movement on the part besides your back or you can make a movement by pressing on the back of the neck from top to bottom repeatedly. As the lubricants you can use the essential oil so that the body becomes more relaxing.

The second is do scrubbing by rubbing scrub formula that there are contain in many cosmetic products for scrubbing. You should dab your back first with the olive oil to avoid irritation on your skin.

Or you can also rub herb sea salt or sea salt (can be purchased at pharmacy or cosmetics store ) which is mixed with olive oil or essential. After that you rinse till clean with warm water.

If you want to remove the fat on the surface of the skin so you can scrub with lemon slowly and let it a few moment, and rinse with tepid water. Maybe you will feel a little poignant because it has a function as antiseptic that can drain the wound.

Finally you can put the powder on the skin of your body after a bath so that your skin is not too humid. Because if your skin is too moist it will facilitate the growth of fungi on your skin. Congratulations to try.

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