Minggu, 21 Desember 2008


Olive oil is often used as ingredient in beauty products. You can also create your own blend of materials that are easily obtained, see below :

Mix of 1 / 2 cup olive oil, 1 / 4 cup vinegar and 1 / 4 cup water. Use as a night cream because it is true that olive oil can dampen and refine of your skin. While the vinegar is able to tarnish of skin pigmentation, kill of bacteria and slough off dead skin cells. Wash the face before you dab this mixture. If your skin dry you can use olive oil as a cream cleanser.

For facial, wet of face, use olive oil and massage to the skin of the face. Take 1 / 2 teaspoon of sugar and rub it your face. Wipe gently with the towel that will be wetted with warm water until the sugar is really picked out.

Dab of olive oil on foot and wearing clean socks. Olive oil can help to subtilize of feet and better than use of baby oil.

Dab olive oil to elbow on the day to refine the skin. Or use olive oil as batah oil. Two or three tablespoons is sufficient.

Use olive oil on the hair. This is useful to dampen the hair and make hair easy to arrange. Cast a few in palm. Rubbing to the both of palms and wipe it on dry hair. Congratulations to try.

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