Senin, 22 Desember 2008


Environment of outdoor nowadays is not friendly anymore because of pollution will dash against your body like its blazing hots of the sun, dust and smoke vehicles will patch of your skin and will be leave the problem. Not only acnes that will appear on your face but your skin becomes dull and rough, and also there are vlek on your skin face. Of course you do not want this matter happened, so you have to do the extra care and the one is peeling.

Peeling is usually done with the supervision of doctors. However, for the light type you can do yourself at home, but there are some rules. Peeling according to the health can be done for adults above 17 years old. In addition for mothers who are pregnant should delay until the baby was born. This matter is only to avoid things that are not desired.

Peeling of skin can be done by various ways, one other thing with electricity, generally using light materials that can be purchased freely in the cosmetics counter. Materials for peeling generally differ with the material for scrubbing.

Peeling skin is not only rejuvenate the face, but also provide freshness and attenuating of refined wrinkling. Even acne on a certain stage, will also recover.

Peeling is usually done at home for lighter material and also carried out gradually according to the label on cosmetics packaging.

Meanwhile, for the usage, clean your face with skin cleaner as usual. Dab and peeling cream evenly spred on the face. Left this cream 1 up to 2 hours and wash till clean. The next night you can do it again with the added time several hours.
After peeling you must protect your skin with sun block and should not be exposed to direct sunlight for some time. This is to prevent a skin burned by the sun because the condition skins are thin.

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