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Nowadays caring for themselves at the salon is not taboo for men and metrosexual trend is the master mind. Men no longer need to appear coquettish with face captivating as a result of salon treatment. Ten years ago the lover of beauty salon is still dominated by women but men are now happy to start caring for themselves at the salon or spa.

At the spa the man is addictive to do scrubbing, aroma therapy massage and facial or face treatments. Metrosexual figure represent factors that support the success of a man. Nowadays men realize that a fresh look and maintained is greatly needed to help them achieve success when they must relate with important clients in the business.

There is a little difference in treatment for men and women. Treatment for men it is intended to target, not many its "flowers." Women like with the "flowers" such as facial skin massage after cleaned. But men do not like to spend too long for do that.

Fortunately the man because they do not obliged to impose face make up so that it does not take long time to clean up the make up such in the eyes and lips like women.

About the frequency of treatment, all depending on the problems faced by the pertinent men. When your face have problems with the acne, treatment can be done once a week. If only to treat the face that is smooth, can be done two weeks or once a month. Treatment for acne face even also will not leave the former ex-red at all.

In principle, there is no significant difference in treatment between men and women face. Its phases even also not much different with the women only the time treatment is shorter. Following the steps you need to do.

The first, clean face. Use clean mineral water and take spons to wipe with one wear type.
Flake with enzyme (enzyme Peeling). Dab lips with a kind of gel. The goal is to protect the lips from the bad effects of hot steam which is obliged to be given before flaking the skin face with enzyme. After several minutes, steam heat will open the pores. At that time a new enzyme be smeared evenly to the face. Enzyme which is made from fruit extract. This enzyme is only slough off dead skin cells cortex.

To remove comedo and acne. Face is steamed again to open the pore. Comedo and acne is removed from face skin. This process is then ended with a high frequency equipment in the former location of comedo and acne. The goal is to kill bacteria and make the skin where the former location of acne is not red visible.

The next step is to cover the entire face with a special mask anti acne. Let it a few moment until mask run dry.
Closing pore with the ice globe. Lift the mask carefully and wash all face with mineral water. Usually beauty salon use ice cube block to close the pore. Or you can use a refrigerated ice globe to close the pore.

The last stage is spread acne drugs, moisturizer, sun screen in the face in order to protected from the fierce sun. Now your face will be bright and captivating.

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