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To get health and beauty is not only seen from cosmetics which you impose. But it will be clear from the face with your care naturally. Owning softness skin you can get with the treatment of vegetables and fruit.

The excess of fruit and vegetables are free of preservatives substance and fragrance so that it is safe for the skin which any sensitive as anything. The second is the water that contained of fruit and vegetable able to moisten the skin and fat prevents the evaporation process of water through the pores. So the skin becomes clean, soft, flexible and luminous.

Indeed, not all fruits and vegetables can give something important to face your treatment. Vegetables and fruits are very good for the cleanliness of the skin and face is the cucumber, orange, apple, pumpkin, soy beans, celery and bananas. How to do it easy, you only pulverizing it and made a face cream penghalus. It is not wrong if you see a few steps below in order to your skin face look more beautiful, fresh and impresses.

If you want to whiten the face then you can choose a pumpkin, cucumber and soybean. Pumpkin is rich in vitamins B, C, fat and protein. In addition, vegetables are able to muffle reddish spot on the skin as sunshine. Cucumber is rich vitamins, minerals and fat can also whiten the skin. But you should not mix with fruit or vegetables which are rich vitamin C because it will neutralize the vitamins. Meanwhile, vitamins, calcium, protein, fat and soybean in the function to give nutrition, and overcome the irritation humidify the skin.

To make herb, crushed 150 gr pumpkin that has been boiled first. Attenuating a medium cucumber, use a blender. Soak 50 gr soybean for several hours, then attenuate with a blender.

The treatment is to clean the face with a cleanser that contains the essence cucumber. Because almost all beauty products nowadays produce this cleaner essence of cucumber. Dab pearl cream and spread evenly on the face, massage gently rotate. Let a few moments. After that dab your face with the cucumber juice, take 1 / 3 part and wearing only a thin and evenly. Make a smooth massage flatten more or less 1 minute.

After finish of cleaning the face step, then you do evaporation in the face. The way is by mixing with the remaining cucumber juice to the basin containing hot water and let the water vapor on your face for 5 to 10 minutes. When your face feels warm, dab a soybean juice thinly in the face, massage evenly 5 minutes. Leave it momentarily and then clean with a wet towel. After that, use a pumpkin that has been crushed as a face mask. Leave for 20 minutes then clean t clean. Interested to try it?

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