Sabtu, 03 Januari 2009


It is true that unconsciously wrinkle in the face will be clearly visible so your appearance do not look perfect. If you do not have time to care for the face so the quickly way to hide a wrinkle line under the eye is to use concealer. There is nothing wrong if you see a few steps below so that the result is maximal.

The first step is clean your face before you smear with moisturizer. Make sure that your face is completely clean and not in oily conditions.

The second is spread a little stick concealer under the eye circle then smooth down with the end of the little finger. After that, you can dab of powder with the big brush.

Choose a color concealer which its color one more level of light from the skin of the face because the area of skin usually tend to be darker from skin of the face.

When the area under the eyes appear darker than normal, use a little foundation before wearing the concealer. Dab also concealer in part of eye lid so that the make up colors seen more slur.

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