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How to overcome of heel broken in pieces vary according to the storey of bad off. If the lightweight category, then soaked enough warm water mixed with salt, then scrub with a pumice stone. This treatment can make a soft heel.

For medium and severe category, To overcome is after soaked feet and rubbed with a pumice stone, and then continued by giving of herb. Herbal which can be used to this treatment is mengkudu already mature, star fruit wuluh or fallen leaves liman.

At this stage, the heel is broken in pieces prone infection therefore advisable to use antibiotics. The usage of mengkudu in fact do not need to add antibiotics because in mengkudu already contain antibiotics.

Utilization of this nature are safe. Therefore, so that heel return refinement use this natural materials routinely every day. At least 2 weeks usage, the heels will be fine again.

In addition, treatment of foot massage can also be used as a supplementary treatment for the heel is broken. For foot massage can make to give effect humid and feet more subtle. This treatment is also helpful to reduce fine wrinkling in the area around the legs and can restore the vitality in the foot skin.

The natural recipe to overcome the heel broken:
Mengkudu fruit that have been matureed or star fruit wuluh or fallen leaves liman. The way is, rub to heel broken on a regular basis every day for about 15 minutes.

1/2 of grated coconut, grated robust and 1 tea spoon salt. The way is mix grated coconut with salt, rub that mixture on the heels of feet have been cleaned, rub till flatten, and then wash till clean. Do 3 times a week before bed.

Lemon and garlic. The way is, washing your feet with cold water then soak a few minutes with hot water. Take the lemon and rub on the broken feet heels evenly. After that dry rub garlic on the broken feet heels. Perform this treatment at night and morning.

Young papaya, young papaya latex young rub on a broken heel, leave 15 minutes then rinse with clean water. do once a day.

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