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Growing up as women, we will be given to the beautiful glow of youth. At the end, we are all mature and sensible woman. Wise and women should know that routines need to change the skin as we age. At the age of sixty years old, menopause and hormonal changes in body chemistry will affect how the skin looks.

Dermis who lose elasticity and thinner as the years passed. Coverage of the fat under the skin that gives skin a firm appearance and rounded beginning and no psychiatrist. Reduction of the layer of fat also reduces the amount of moisture in the skin, making wrinkles and dehydration. When estrogen levels drop, then the skin to reduce oil production as oil glands reduce in size. Fragile skin, making it easier to injure and slower to heal. The increase in roughness, wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, keratosis, elasticity, Sun spots, freckles, and enlarged pores is the product of the long life of the elements.

Targets can you skin rejuvenation without surgery, and prevent the above problems. Read the steps in the following section for your skin beautiful sixties.

Steps to six Facial Rejuvenation Treatment in Sixty

Step # 1: Quit Smoking

This habit causes drought and steal important vitamins from the skin to the process of aging. On the other hand, shortly after you stop smoking, your body begins to heal itself immediately.

Step # 2: Follow a balanced diet

Many vegetables and a multi vitamin, a part of your diet. Your body needs: calcium, vitamin E and vitamin A, because this is all related to the vitamin in the skin of our skin as we age. Calcium is needed for the loss of skin density, because once we hit 60, our skin calcium levels decrease dramatically. Vitamin E helps your skin to build its own, while retinoids contains vitamin A, which helps reverse signs of aging.

Step # 3: Use a Moisturizer

Old skin is often dry and tight, with rough, wrinkled structure and matte appearance. Hormonal changes, reducing the water content of the upper layer of the skin, a decrease of the intercellular lipids, and a drop of tallow spending all contributed to increasing drought. If you want your skin soft, supple and smooth, hydrating in the morning, after a bath and during sleep. Moisturizer that you choose should contain soy, retinol and alpha hydroxyl acids that are useful for a female skin, and must be of high quality, thick consistency. Consideration of the collagen and elastin stimulation is a smart choice.

Step # 4: Water

For similar reasons related to this step # 3. Drinking water is an easy way to hydrate the skin. Fill water bottle and drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to reflect the increased dry your skin will be as mature women.

Step # 5: Follow a Good Skin Basic life

At the age of sixty years, you just have to keep high quality facial cleaners. Masques used to improve the skin moist and firm. Moreover, the use of the product retinoids, also known as vitamin A, and anti-oxidants to help rebuild skin cells. Finally, the make-up and switch to lighter products such as powder-free heavy Concealers. Increasing age, except to hide behind the make-up. Make-up will clog the pores of your face or have increased drought can cause acne.

Step # 6: Sun Screen

Additional wrinkles, dark sunspots, and the rough texture of the skin is over exposure to the Sunday Sometimes, cancer sores on the skin may occur, leading to a premature death by cancer. Sunscreen is important to prevent further damage Sunday. Make it easy for himself by choosing a Moisturizer SPF of at least 30 right to protection from harmful radiation Suns. Remember dermatologist for regular skin cancer research. The cure for skin cancer is 95% with early detection. The detection and treatment are delayed, the result is not so good.

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