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Have you ever wondered what if you right about? Consider the following paragraphs and compare what you know to the latest info.

Skin protects our internal structure from the outside elements. As a simple explanation of the role of the skin, the many activities on your skin. How the development of acne and the bacteria in your skin depends on genetics and how your skin every day.

It is also important for you to understand your acne. The more you understand how the development of acne and what factors contribute, the greater the chance that you will be able to an effective treatment plan. If you do not understand how the development of acne is not possible to treat the plan consistently. You will be disappointed. If you learn for example that every pimple is taken over ninety days to form, you will understand what you are doing today will not prevent the pimple now, but two to three weeks from now.

How Skin Works

Skin is the body's largest organ and one of the most complex. Skin protects the body against the elements of the hostile environment, we are cooling down, warming us, the water, sending a message from the environment to the brains, and furnishing us the sensation we need to enjoy life. Skin is a dynamic living membrane that separates us from the environment. Without that we will die as a result of dehydration of the body is 85 percent water.


The outer layer of skin called the epidermis. Epidermis that are very active. The creation of a total population of new cells every twenty-eight days, and a full layer of dead cells fall into the environment every day. Fourteen is a thick layer of skin cells.

Development of the skin bag

Bag is another word for the pore. A bag or a small pore structure open to the skin surface. Two bags, "choice" - it will result or will result in a large oil (sebaceous cracks a bag).

Many follicles on the face of a very visible, especially in and around a large nose.

Now that the aspects discussed, let us turn to some other factors to consider.

Your acne is the site of the disease in the follicles, so you really understand what the bag and can visualize a cross-section.

Specific hormones that stimulate the development of our cracks sebaceous follicles and oil glands to testosterone, the principal male sex hormone. Both men and women produce testosterone.

Tallow cracks in a bag

As mentioned above, the skin is in fact two types of follicles - a hair follicle and sebaceous cracks. Both have sebaceous glands cracks in them. If the maturing follicle is the hair, it grows a thick hairs that act as a wick for the oil and other wastes to the surface.

But it is the cracks sebaceous follicle that is a problem. If the development of acne, but mostly up in the bag may be lost in the rubble and the rest not even towards the surface.


Explanation of the bag is not complete without you know about the small creatures that are there. Anaerobic bacteria (grown without the presence of oxygen) thrive in the follicles. Bacteria in the pores of every human being, and not living in a greater number of acne sensitive people.

The bacteria feed from the triglyceride composition produced by our sebaceous glands cracks.

All factors that operates in the detailed human skin. They are the normal process - that showed up corneum layer, leading to the production of testosterone and sebum and bacteria feed on the sebum. However, at this moment that you do not cause acne, they are a staging ground and supply fuel to the fire-feed your sickness.

Now you can be sure that the experts. OK, maybe not an expert. But you have to do something to the table at the time that you participate in a discussion.

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