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After a dry skin is very annoying. It has a low level of sebum and can be prone to sensitivity. Dryness is exacerbated by wind, heat, refrigeration and air conditioning, all the skin flake, chap and feel tight. It seems boring, especially on the cheeks and around the eyes.
Dry skin is caused by several factors including

a. The sebaceous glands are not supplying enough lubrication to the skin. As a result, the skin dry.

b. Malnutrition, particularly shortages of vitamin A and vitamin B, they can also contribute to dry skin.

c. The skin is exposed to the elements, especially in the winter.

d. Environmental factors such as exposure to sun, wind, cold, chemicals, cosmetics, or excessive bathing with harsh soaps.

e. It may be due to a genetic predisposition.

f. Certain medications, including diuretics, antispasmodics and antihistamines, can contribute to dry skin.

Here are some methods you can try to heal dry skin

a. You never wash my face with warm water, using mineral refreshing sight.

b. Avoid using commercial soap to wash your face, because natural oils protecting the skin to remove. , Use the cleaner is not clean, pH-neutral products on your skin.

c. Once a week, use a mask to clarify the skin and dull, removing dry skin cells.

d. Increase your consumption of water and essential fatty acids.

e. Avoid smoking and alcohol.

f. Take vitamin E orally.

g. Do you drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your skin well hydrated, eating a high quality diet rich in fruits and vegetables, reduce, and sunlight.

If necessary, consult with an allergist to determine whether an allergic reaction can cause your skin dry.

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Vitamin is very important for skin care, if you save it in your diet, or if applied locally in the form of family care. There are various vitamins, skin care products enriched in the market available in the form of serum and cream. And they can help fight the problems of the most serious skin you may have.

Solution: Vitamin A

Wrinkles and fine lines are the main signs of aging and skin damage. And if you do not do much to prevent this, it's time for you to treat effectively. Use anti-aging skin care products with retinoids. Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives in the form of Retin-A and Renova. Retinols can help collagen production in skin cells. As a result, relatively soft and flexible. Tip: NIA 24 Skin Strengthening Complex. This is a very good cream that is not too light and not too heavy. There was a reduction visible wrinkles and fine lines with regular use. This is because the increase in skin barrier function and accelerate the repair process by providing moisture.

Problem: sensitive skin leather with matt

Solution: Vitamin B3

Prevent people with sensitive skin, it is suggested, with peeling products with harsh ingredients such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid. However, it is always important to get rid of your skin and flaking of dead skin cells that dull the skin. Therefore, use a gentle exfoliating products that contain substances such as vitamin B3 or niacin, a derivative of niacin. Unlike the leather chemicals, vitamin B3 is less acidic in nature and therefore do not cause irritation. Using the NIA 24 Physical Cleansing Scrub. Remove skin cells die and soothe, moisturize and soothe the skin. Pro-Wash Niasomes defects visible from the sun and age spots.

Question: How Damage

Solution: Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that prevents damage from free radicals, protect skin against him. The free radicals responsible for skin problems on the right hyperpigmentation and skin cancer. However, with the use of AA concentration by approximately 10% of vitamin C in skin care products, you can protect yourself from all the SE can also damage sunburn, sun and skin aging. The use of serum vitamin C to enrich everyday life, as well as sunscreen and you will be subject to a significant reduction in the bushes. Try Kinerase Cream, an anti-aging creams, which improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles and improve skin's ability to retain moisture. Kinerase Cream contains Kinetin, a plant substance that helps maintain skin moisture.

Problem: dry and rough skin

Solution: Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E

Both vitamin B5 and vitamin E is an excellent moisturizing capacity. In addition, they are powerful antioxidants that help repair damage caused by free radicals and keep skin protected. Why is lighter, which is suitable for people with sensitive skin. Try to do a clinic Firming Complex by Innovative Skincare. Natural fruit acids, antioxidants and organic nutrients for firmer skin to reduce lines and wrinkles. At the same time encourages skin regeneration at the cellular level and controls acne.

Problem: Dark Circles

Solution: Vitamin C, retinol and vitamin C

Dark circles under the eyes is a major concern among women. It is also possible for various reasons, including lack of sleep, poor treatment of the skin around the eyes, the sun and cause damage. Solving the small capillaries under the skin and blood clots that cause the dark color. And the best treatment for vitamin K is due to an uncanny ability to help themselves to blood clotting. Use a night cream is an effective treatment of eye material and removing the skin dark circles under the eyes have it. Try Eye of Heaven Skin Care Serum. This will reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and dark circles and swelling. This eye serum is enhanced with powerful antioxidants of green tea and hyaluronic acid soaked.

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If you are interested to find the best cream for your skin, you know that you can make it in your own house? That's right. Through the use of some items that you have on hand, you can be a natural skin care products ranging from creams and lotions, masks and scrub salt scrub.

Some of the best skin cream using natural products such as avocado, honey and grapeseed oil to keep your skin. Natural skin care products are made can also use these things, and costs only a fraction of the price of products purchased at the store label themselves as the best skin cream.

There are some amazing sites that have the ingredients and proportions do some of the best skin cream list. Natural skin care products that you have even a few chemicals to make commercial products. If you think that your skin absorbs food and poison, and that this effect on the skin, making the idea of natural skin care products make sense.

Here are some guidelines to include several items in the natural skin care products:

* Grapeseed oil: high in antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients. Used in many of the best skin creams and natural skin care products

* Avocado is used: oil, to make some of the best skin creams for its rich and moisturizing properties are remarkable. Natural skin care products with avocado oil and butter are made thick, rich and nutritious
Honey has: antimicrobial properties and good in natural skin care products to add a mask, for example. Some of the best skin cream used Manuka honey from New Zealand

* Milk: rich in lactic acid, a good light peeling. Lactic acid is a lighter version of the acid used in skin chemistry. Hydrates and is a good supplement for natural skin care products

There are some natural skin care products, which can be made from a variety of products you around the house. The best skin creams are those that you have to adjust to a combination of essential oils and ingredients that you just allow you to deal with skin problems.

Because beauty products at home can be fun and make full trial, you have to taste a variety of products to stock, materials and essential oils are right for your skin condition and see what problems you are trying to improve or hold.

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The-30's is the new twenties! And it is, but the fact that you can not be so careless with the skin, if you 30's say, as you can when you're in their twenties.

As we age, our skin grows old, and the changes in both the quality and consistency. Also prone to skin damage. This necessitates the importance of the desirable after the needs of the aging skin care and understand the spoils.

Here are some tips for your skin in the 30's :

Avoid unprotected sun exposure
If your skin to sunlight, which is not protected from exposure in the younger years, the possibility of damage. In addition, sunlight without the protection of the damage to improve and enhance the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, the skin tends to dry and lifeless.

Never attempt in the sun without applying sunscreen. Use a sunscreen, a broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays of the sun provides. Apply sunscreen at least 15-20 minutes before you go and sit down after every 3-4 hours, especially if you participate in activities that you sweat.

Try to make clinical treatment sunscreen SPF. It provides broad spectrum UVA / UVB protection and repair of damage and reduce redness and painful inflammation of the skin. It heals the skin with rosacea and fits virtually all skin types including oily and acne-prone skin.

You can also try Innovative Skincare Sunscreen SPF 20 powder. This is the first of its kind powder sunscreen, the physical UV blockers comprising 25% titanium dioxide and zinc oxide containing 20%. Development of special nanotechnology Sun offers broad spectrum protection against sunlight.

Begins with Anti-Aging Skin Care
If the skin in the twenties consisted of cleansers, moisturizers and soft drinks, AOS time you upgrade to the anti-aging skin care products in the thirties. Anti-aging formulations may wrinkle creams, eye creams and others, can help to improve skin quality.

Anti-aging skin care products contain active ingredients such as retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamin C, Vitamin K and Kojic Acid that the level of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin and increases the inner hydrate. In this way they promote the skin texture, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

Is clinical youth complex is a great anti-wrinkle formulation that an immediate, short-term and long-term benefits for aging skin. After applying it immediately to fill in facial wrinkles and lines. This is a great place to treat stubborn wrinkles. With regular use, to accelerate the production of collagen and elastin fibers, and improves the quality of the dry and loose skin.

Obagi ELASTIderm Night Eye Cream is a very efficient night eye cream, the skin around the eyes and your eyes bright and shiny reinforced. This increases the elasticity of the skin and does it well. The best time to use them clearly in the night, because that is when things are calm and of course the repair. Cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet and fills elastin and collagen fibers lost in the body.

Day Eye Gel Obagi ELASTIderm other eye cream for use during the day. These include bi-mineral complex and unique networking fills production of collagen and elastin fibers increase skin elasticity increased.

Hydrates the skin
Due to decreasing levels of collagen and elastin fibers, the skin begins to lose elasticity and dry on 30 aos. We should ask ourselves in order to maintain your skin with moisture and humidity. Use Hydrating Serum moisturizer to penetrate deep into the skin and the necessary hydration to dull skin and makes it more radiant.

You can try to NeoCutis Hyalis. This is a lightweight, oil-free formula that works quickly as drinking water and hydrates the skin. Hyaluronic acid has the highest concentration currently available on the market.
If the clinical Hydra Cool Hydrating Serum is a serum that also controls acne. Containing plants and bio-nutrients and really good for sunburn and as a great aftershave tonic.

Clinical Poly Vitamin Serum is an amazing serum that increases the microcirculation of the skin, free radicals and nutrients to combat damaged skin. a solid material such as sugarcane, Blueberry, Green Tea, Hyaluronate and regenerate and moisturize the skin.

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Fixing some wrinkles must start from the inside out. Wrinkle treatment skin care includes a variety of foods rich in antioxidants and plenty of water. Dehydration is one of the biggest obstacles to fixing wrinkles so that any woman who seriously should ensure wrinkle skin care, they live in a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Fixing the wrinkles from the outside can be achieved with a current product-wrinkle care by filling out the wrinkles. There are effective prescription wrinkle skin care products, but with them for fixing wrinkles can cause side effects, including bruising, swelling and the possibility of infection among other things. Fixing wrinkles may include products such as Botox, which helps with skin wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles.

There are also products such as Restylane and Sculptra among others, but these can cause lumpiness, bruising and swelling. Because of these side effects, many women prefer to wrinkle in a different way to approach them.

There are current creams that work well when it comes to fixing wrinkles. Women can moisture as part of a wrinkle skin care and this can be fixed with the help of wrinkles, because it plumps the skin cells and tightens the skin over top. If the skin is tightened, it can not sag and it is not clear how wrinkles. Wrinkle treatment skin care includes the use of masks and moisturizing day and night cream that replace much-needed moisture.

Did you know that sunlight, it can lead to wrinkles? It is wonderful to think that by protecting the skin from the sun, you are actually fixing wrinkles before they happen. It is also important, sunglasses, facial expressions such as squinting can cause wrinkles to bear. Wrinkle treatment skin care techniques involve preventing wrinkles, you seem poor and stop new ones.

The increase in collagen content in the skin for wrinkle as well as important. It helps to replace the skin through collagen that holds the skin firm. This can prevent the skin it, sliding and wrinkling.

There are different types of wrinkle skincare. They include preventing the formation of wrinkles and fixing the ones that have already.

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