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As a model, you are not eligible to be called beautiful, and the honest truth.

Beauty is more than just the perfect hair, makeup, clothing, teeth, skin and clothing. Indeed contribute to these things mean that a woman look good. But beautiful is a class of its own - a class for a woman like you can reach.

Of course you can look good when you help your way to beautiful. Here are some tips that look pretty good for more.

- Your crowning
You visit the salon every week, but you should not always be your "mane" looked like a mat on his head.

Make sure your hair clean and shiny. Occasionally (every 2 months or so) you will find a good barber who cut, your face and body shape is adapted to propose.

- Sign up as a king
The idea is for you to walk into a street without reduced mixing your feet and your head as an excuse for your existence.

Push your shoulders back with the head rests entirely on the shoulders and step! Walk as if each hall is only one runway - as it is.

- You make the clothes (not vice versa).
Be realistic about your body shape. Not everyone has an hourglass figure won (guess what they desire? Not everyone has that!).

Do not torture yourself by force your body into clothes that are not for you. It is so sad about something, as you could do. Take what you have, and clothing to emphasize what you get your mother. Contact a professional to determine what kind of clothes flatter your body shape.

- Make-Up Mock-up
The only time that too much make-up is good as a clown or mime. Otherwise, less is more.

Like with clothes, make-up used to make fun of your face. Are those your eyes? Her lips? The cheeks? Note however, if you think your face has been all of these, only one portion of the risk or stress, as a member of KISS

Finally, the best beauty secret of all ...

... Love yourself! It is by far the best beauty treatment you can get. Develop a positive attitude at all to think about you - the way you speak and of course, how you look. People will recognize that something about you that you are irresistible, and - if you feel good about yourself, no matter what others think or say. You can start to be beautiful - now!

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nice posting and articel ^^

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