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Pregnancy is something that mothers are the most enthusiastic. Most women who give birth to a fear of one thing that is stretch marks. Since the abdomen stretches during pregnancy, the skin around the clogged area. Elastin and collagen in the dermis layer of the skin are damaged, and the skin loses its elasticity. If this happens, the formation of stretch marks clearly demonstrated in general by red, purple or dark lines on the skin. Women should know that there are ways to prevent, and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy causes women to eat much. Because they all eat for two, it is inevitable that they will gain weight. Most pregnant women do not know that a certain distance of weight gain, about 25 to 35 pounds, can not guarantee that stretch marks are formed in the body. This victory is still a healthy weight to ensure that the baby in one position for the right amount of nutrients will be necessary.

During pregnancy, the use of moisturizers made on a daily basis. Especially during the first and second trimester of pregnancy should be delivered to the skin moisture, all the time. The appearance of stretch marks come in the last trimester. The application of creams and moisturizers keep the skin intact. Though overwhelmed, the skin is able to quickly recover.

Water is something that pregnant women need. During pregnancy and even after they have been recommended daily drink 10 to 12 glasses of water. This keeps the skin hydrated and hydrated, the skin protects against damage. In addition, it supports the water cleanses the skin and removes the toxins that are trapped in the pores. Women who want to have a healthy skin free of stretch marks, you should drink plenty of water.

Vitamins help in the proper care of women. These promote the production of elastin and collagen in the skin, making it heal faster. Once the overload damaged skin, it can easily repair yourself. The intake of vitamins is strongly recommended for pregnant women after childbirth and to ensure that the skin tends to not make stretch marks.

Prevention of stretch marks is not just during pregnancy. Women who already given birth to the care of your skin. Drinking water intake of vitamins and hydrating the skin itself must be done after the pregnancy. Cocoa butter is an effective cream to reduce stretch marks. It can penetrate into the dermis, the repair of elastin and collagen, which was damaged. Stretch marks after pregnancy is not a threat to most women. There are ways to avoid, so make sure these tips.

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