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A healthy nutritious diet will help us fight diseases and infections. But poor nutrition is taken, the body can disrupt the process, and can cause disease. Here are some simple food choices that not only cure for all your health, but also many other bodily defects already present.

Regular use of food reduces the recognition. A sensory element mainly on smell and taste, the appetite disappears when both conditions are met. Therefore, spicy foods should be held alternately at intervals.

Avoid drinking coffee or tea, especially before meals. In small quantities, they act as a stimulant, so the body active and growing competence. During the preparation of tea, spices with holy basil (Tulsi), which is a valuable herb that increases immunity and is generally available.

A distance of four to five hours between meals, it is time for the stomach itself or clear the previous meal. Dinner was the lightest, so it is easily digestible.

Spices such as pepper, mustard, garlic, ginger, cinnamon and cloves, cardamom, etc. should be used in limited quantities. Overload irritates the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract is a reduction in the desire for simple yet nutritious foods.

Candy should be eaten after the meal, because they are often tempting and filling. Especially in the case of children, candy, a hunger, without actually meeting the nutritional needs body so necessary for growth.

Water - a natural remedy for many diseases

Water is a natural supplement and drink lots of water relieves many symptoms. Make sure the water is clean to prevent water-borne diseases. Do you drink water in the morning immediately after rising and brushing the teeth. Drink at least one liters of water in one go and not eat anything until one hours. After drinking water, wash your face and brushing his teeth.

Who can not drink much water to start with a glass and gradually increase to four glasses. The first one or two glasses have no effect on the body, except for frequent urination. After a few days everything is normal. People who suffer from arthritis and vata illnesses have to do this treatment three times a day. Drinking plenty of water at one time cleans the intestines and improve its operation. Toxins in the body are excreted within 24 hours. Constipation is relieved, and it prevents many diseases.

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