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Remember to complement your color. If you look at light and subdued, you wear your clothes, accessories, make-up, and muted colors and light. You can in some dark colors, but to ensure that they are muted.

The lighting, colors we have a good, basic region offers what you need to stay looking young and radiant. Women in their 50s or 60s and then find that the colors are brighter than in the 40s.

Ivory, cream, stone, cocoa, light gray, pewter, teal, taupe is a part of the neutrals, try the company tops, bottoms or both. Colors like sky blue, mint, primrose, pastel pink, white, soft colors, the eye shadow you for blouses, scarves, accessories, lip gloss, color, Rouges apply. You can combine with neutral colors.

For a fashionable look, be adventurous and try colors like dusty rose, light aqua, light periwinkle, Blush Pink, peacock, light blue green, turquoise, cornflower, and geraniums. If you want a fashion image HELLO, mix with a pink light blue green or red light aqua with old rose.

These bright colors in the palette is fresh and feminine, with colors that are very flattering for the mature woman. Careful use of neutral colors for those of you with a formal business clothes are important. A successful use of color, like medium gray, taupe and lighter shades of navy, you will always have a youthful look.

The good news is, all dominants, use the finest shopping in the spring and summer months, as light and pastel colors are available in abundance. You can also choose from a wide range of materials you select to choose what they wear. Note that it makes sense to choose machine-washable play, however, because lighter shades tend to have grubby quickly. The best news for you is that the bright and beautiful colors reflect the palette of your face is minimized, distracting shadows around the eyes and mouth.

Avoid wearing dark colors two together. It is easy to overpower your natural color. Their biggest challenge will be to buy a winter coat, because most of them come in dark colors, a camel is a good option, so make sure your hair is not too tight.

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Wahyu Widodo mengatakan...

Actually, to be able to look younger is more emphasis on the aspect of inner beauty

Anonim mengatakan...

nice, i like health article, keep update, i will reading your article

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