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The issue about pollution and green environment is never end. Wherever an industry exists it’s always spotlighted by the pollution issue. It is believed that industrial waste contains so many hazardous elements that may cause damages to soil, water, and air. has a wonderful idea about processing those wastes and changing it into an alternative energy. By reading this website, you will find out that there’s a great idea that everyone has never been thought before about changing waste to energy. This company uses original technologies to disinfect, pasteurize, stabilize, community bio solids and other organic waste products to transform it into the valuable soil-enrichment products and agricultural bio-mineral. It also produces renewable energy that is synergistic with the coal combustion industry. This unique concept of transforming waste products into advantageous reuse products provides great opportunity fuels. This alternative fuel is even better than the clean coal. When using this fuel, the boiler performs normally and the air emissions are below the regulatory limit.

Thanks to its unique concept of green technology, this company has earned more than $40 million dollars in sales since it was firstly introduced in October 1993. This company was underwritten by Robertson Stephens, Raymond James, Oppenheimer & Co, and Paine Webber.

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ilovepink1078 mengatakan...

Very informative specially we're facing toward global changes! Thanks for sharing!

By the way, Hope you dont mind if I follow your blog.


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Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.............................................

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