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Blackheads is the scientific name of which clog the pores, can be open or closed. Open comedos also called "blackhead" These look like enlarged pores and black (black is not dirt, actually it is a porous plug that changes color due to oxidation by air). Closed comedos, or "Whitehead" has a skin that grows in the clogged pores, so looks like small white bumps under the skin.

This type of acne blackheads caused by dead skin cells and excess oil glands in the skin, dead skin cells accumulate in the skin, the oils on the skin surface and then close the skin cells and there was a blockage. Makeup and styling products that contain oil can aggravate blackheads. Sweaty and hot and humid air can also stuff it pores.

Prevention is always wear every night before bed "Night Cream Skin Care" and always wash your face in the morning and night with soap face "Facial Wash oily" and always bring the oil absorbent paper to absorb excess oil on the face.

Blackheads around my nose can be removed easily by way of massage. Do it with clean hands and a hati2 to avoid infection. The easiest way out blackheads should visit your salon or clinic Subscriptions for Facial Beauty is MAXIMAL.

After doing your best Facial directly uses the "Anti-Acne Serum" Use "Anti-Acne Serum" will restore the condition of the skin because the skin pores that have been issued sumbatannya will soon be shrunk to smaller.

Use a spoon to remove blackheads blackheads conventional, are actually more hygienic because it's easier than the use of sterilized instruments that seem modern, but it is difficult disteril restarted.

Massage or facial sorting it feels good, but if the pressure is too loud can disrupt woven collagen fibers in the skin layer (dermis). Acne blackheads will easily slip out when the facial massage.

Inflamed acne should not be in the massage or sorted, because it can become more widespread infection process, the evaporation on the skin will exacerbate acne breakouts of red inflamed skin.

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Nice info about blackheads... i have them on my cheeks :(

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