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What makes the quark effect of cellulite? Simply put, cellulite is caused by loose or weak skin and connective tissue to the weight of material in their subjects for war. Weight of tissue or debris escaping weakening of connective tissue fiber strands and buoy on the surface, so that the gravel beach, orange peel effect. Strong skin and muscles are the best preventive measures for runaway fat. The retention of the cell body intact society and would like the mean control over fatty deposits. Cellulite is the formation of water pockets and fat deposits created, that is probably the most effective way to get it means under control is through exercise and nutrition. A physical training is important, and good food and food supplements. Certain foods for their cell-building properties can be detected to control cellulite.
Protein: The cellulite problem is most women, the sagging skin and muscles strong. Exercise and protein can reduce the weight of the stores under the epidermis, protein helps muscles hard, saves to keep the weight in place and reduce the impact of a dimple of cellulite can. The older skin, like older muscle tissue needs protein, especially soy protein with less fat, for strengthening and streamlining. How much protein is needed for a company making close muscles? About 0.6 grams per kilogram of body weight than all of you a moderately active individual and one gram per kilogram of body weight if you are really active. Go for lean protein in fish, especially salmon because fish contains only one dose of essential fatty acids superiors.

Amino acids and essential fatty acids: They also require amino acids to build the skin to help the business of collagen and elastin. The major sources for these complex carbohydrates like beans in general, whole grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits. This offer your body with important fatty acids that reduce the division of skin cells, so that the frequency of mutations and inflammation in these cells, even when exposed to UV light. All cells in the human body are surrounded by a membrane of phospholipids particularly of important fatty acids. This membrane controls what in the cells and what happens. strengthen a good source of essential fatty acids literally the cell membrane and the cell would keep the body intact. Study shows fish oil supplementation with linseed oil and can clear improvement in epidermal texture and tone in the first two months of the year to produce. Simply because the outer epidermis is replaced every 50-80 days, a good supplement to have a direct and firming effect on skin.

Glucosamine: Glucosamine is a supplement that actually contributes to arthritis, has shown that moisture hydrates in arthritic joints repair, including the maintenance of cell tissues well, which in turn positive, plumping effect on the cells, making the pits and coagulation the epidermis. Sufficient quantities of glucosamine in the blood necessary epidermal elasticity. Research has shown that heal participants, beginning with glucosamine before and after the operation faster with less scarring of skin tissues than participants not seen in glucosamine.

Of course, food and diet are only half effective without exercise. No doubt that cellulite can be improved with practice. Wayne Westcott Ph.D, director of programs of the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Massachusetts, workout routines, which produced a significant reduction of cellulite. For two months, 16 slightly overweight women participated in 20 minutes of cardio, strength and flexibility exercises three times a week. At the end of two months the women lost a feature of 1 and 1 / 3 inches from their hips, and an average of £ 1. All women reported less cellulite on their lower bodies, a situation which was confirmed by ultrasound measurements.

eating for best results in reducing the cottage cheese look of cellulite, protein and adopts a consistent exercise routine. This combination increases the metabolism, build lean body tissue, the holding of the muscle tissue under the skin and keep the fat deposits in the connective tissue under control. As well, eat lots of beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits for sources of amino acids to build collagen and elastin in the epidermis. Take glucosamine to improve epidermal elasticity. A good source of essential fatty acids from fish oil and flaxseed oil can also strengthen the integrity of the epidermal cell membranes that the issue of runaway fatty tissues - which depends, essentially, what is to minimize cellulite.

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