Selasa, 27 Juli 2010


People will face problem in their lives. They like it or not, it is their duty to find solution for their problem. It is their duty to directly and properly face the problem. But, for those who have no courage, they will stay away from the problem. Instead of properly facing it, they will run away. Most people with little courage in their heart will consume drug and alcohol. Their regular consumption of alcohol and drug has led them to become addicts. They cannot spend the day and the night without consuming alcohol and drug. Those substances become dangerous for people as they may take away their sobriety and damage their future.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is available to assist people in getting rid of their addiction. The rehabilitation center is established to accommodate people with proper place to release their addiction. The best drug rehab center may not be the same for everybody. The 12-step program may not work for every addict. As some addicts have strong religious background, holistic treatment may work better for them than the 12-step. But, nobody knows what is best for everyone. So, the best way is to give support as an addict tries to stop his/her addiction. Inpatient program of drug rehabilitation will enable physician, doctor, and physiologist to monitor the addicts. They will be able to prevent the addicts from relapsing. As religion and belief are important for people, faith based rehab may bring better and faster positive result to the addicts. Along with detoxification and group counseling, bible studies and sermons may increase the soberness of the addicts. With the guidance of ordained ministers and pastors, the addicts will not go wrong in strengthening their faith and belief.

Once more, there is no single rehabilitation program to work for every addict. Each addict has his own problem and his own reason in abusing drug. It means finding drug rehabilitation center with program which suits addict’s basic problem will be the best solution.

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eMiLy ChAnG mengatakan...

cant find your cbox. but thanks for visiting me.

cs mengatakan...

people who are already addicted emang very, very difficult to escape. I think this article provides one solution while not covering the whole

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