Selasa, 10 Agustus 2010


Armpit is part of the body that must often in care, especially for women. If not clean the armpit blackened so many women appear less confident. Here we present some brief tips and inexpensive way to whiten underarms are blackened.

1. To whiten dark underarms and a stubborn stain you can do the following manner: clean underarm hair regularly with the way in remove or shaving carefully, after the net, take the tip of a finger, tooth paste, brush on the skin of the armpit and rub evenly over the rub 15 minutes, do it every day for two weeks / one month Insya Allah see the changes made your armpits will become more clear.

2. Use alum soak with warm water and then dab on a darkened armpit, do the routine every day.

3. Wash your armpits with grated cucumber and lemon juice for 15-20 minutes a day after it was washed with warm water.

4. Additional we have a good product for eroded the armpit hairs, and bleaching cream herbal extract of the fruit of African Shea 100% herbal and safe to clean and whiten your armpits.

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