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The best course of action to take sometimes isn't clear until you've listed and considered your alternatives. The following paragraphs should help clue you in to what the experts think is significant.

Once you begin to move beyond basic background information, you begin to realize that there's more to than you may have first thought.

Scientists are about whether or not there are certain foods may cause acne shared.

The Journal of American Medical Association wrote that "Diet plays no role" not so long ago.

However, there were so many cases in which evidence on the contrary, that they can no longer be dismissed show. Reliable scientific studies, like that of Loren Cordain, PhD addressed now definitely say: of course your daily diet plays a role in acne outbreaks.

So what are the foods that can be useful, which cause the food, the acne?

Popular wisdom:

Fatty foods can damage the liver, would be unduly affected salty foods, the kidneys may be the lung damaged by inappropriate alcohol use, etc. All of your organs to be affected positively composed by a light, healthy diet food of good quality and adversely affected by the other side.

And some would have us believe that the skin, our largest organ, the immune system is our eating habits? Although B-vitamins excellent results in improving the skin have shown this aspect? Please have no doubt: there is cause food acne.

From a scientific point of view:

Dr. Cordain study - Cordain L et al, acne vulgaris. A disease of western civilization, Archives of Dermatology, Vol 18, p. 123 - has opened the way: even if some still do not believe in his conclusions, many others are now looking into the relationship between food and acne, and hope that the acne can be cured naturally, by eating the right foods.

Old and new

Is it possible to know whether our ancestors from the Stone Age had acne? Yes, yes! Some "primitive" modern populations still pretty much the same diet as we were in the Stone Age, and scientists can study. And what she is discovered: the youth of the primitive people of Papua New Guinea, Africa and Alaska are pimple-free. So why are not our young people? Is food the reason? If so, what are causing the food, the acne?

Has a lot of money for agricultural innovations that allow us to harvest larger crops in a shorter time to raise more livestock very quickly to have more fruit and vegetables grown without pesticides issued.

True, enables us to feed more mouths, but perhaps at the expense of quality. Could it be at the expense of health?

When people eat meat from an animal that antibiotics or hormones, or both, which has taken happen to deteriorate in their body and the hormonal imbalance is the fact that experienced by many young people, what skin problems such as excessive production of sebum, which leads to clogged pores and finally , bad cases of acne.

Dairy products are just as bad. And what about food products treated with pesticides, larvicides, fertilizers have been treated ... what of genetically modified food? Do they affect the skin?

Let us look at the way fast-food restaurants on our skin. We are not here focuses on quality, but only with the elimination of waste. Fibers, which are not in abundance in two hamburgers or cheese, is essential for the elimination of waste substances from the intestines. Without fiber, that waste is finally back in the body.

Disposal of waste is also affected by excessive consumption of salt, sugar and coffee. How so? The dehydration due to a slow elimination of these excesses. Obviously many of our modern diet has proven to be unhealthy and can be especially on our skin. So now you know that cause the food, the acne, it is up to you, give them a wide berth!

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