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Indeed many people who say that owners should be grateful for oily skin because their skin will look older faster than those who have dry skin. But for you who have oily skin, surely it was very disturbing with the various problems that occur on the skin of your face. Because the easy-wear makeup is one of the most common problems you experienced.

Oily skin has a characteristic skin will look shiny and have large pores. Shiny skin that is usually caused by too active sebaceous glands that produce oil. You do not need to worry about this problem because with proper care and routine so your skin will become more beautiful. For that, see below maintenance tricks.

1. Cleaning. The most important stage in the treatment of oily skin is cleansing. You can use a form of cleansing milk soap or cleanser. When you want to clean your face, you should also remember to clean up the neck and around the ears. Then use washlap that has been moistened by the warm water to clean the remaining milk soap or cleanser. After that you use a toner to refresh your face. In order to better feel the toner properties should you save toner in the refrigerator. You must also choose the type of skin cleansing your face as usual cleansers and toners for oily skin contain more alcohol that serves suppress excessive oil production. It's good anymore when you use the scrub two to three times a week to clean the dirt and dead skin cells that accumulate in the pores that are not lifted by soap or cleansing milk.

2. Moisturizer. It's your skin is oily but it does not mean you do not wear moisturizer. But you must choose a special moisturizer for oily skin and generally contain water-based lotion that does not look so shiny on your face. If you mistakenly select a skin moisturizer, it will cause your face look more shiny.

3. Sunscreen. You'll also need sunscreen to protect your skin from the adverse effects of sunlight. Different sunscreen with a moisturizer and you can not leave one of them, should you wear after using a moisturizer. Wait until completely sunscreen soak into your skin about 20 to 30 minutes and then you just wear powder.

4. Powder. For oily skin, you usually have to use powder. Because the powder has the ability to absorb excess oil on your face so your skin look more dry. You should not use compact powder or powder compact because it will make your makeup look thicker and more oily. Or you can use oil absorbent tissue paper when the skin started to feel greasy. If you cover your face with oil in the powder, the pores will be clogged by the accumulation of oil and powder.

Acne is very easy to appear on oily skin types because of the oil in the face of an adhesive that is good for dust and dirt. When cleaning the face of less perfect, dirt and dust mixed with the bacteria that cause inflammation is called acne. Indeed acne can also be caused by the influence of hormones. Acne is the most mild form of acne comedones. Usually blackheads that look like black spots on the skin that contains fat mixed with dirt, while comedones that contains only white colored fat.

To resolve blackheads which is easy enough you should never let your skin dirty and greasy for hours. If you use makeup so it is better if you clean the face every five to six hours. Also use a scrub to cleanse existing blackheads on your face. You can wear facial care products that contain vitamin A because it has a function to open pores and blackheads come out and make it easier to clean. Usually care products containing vitamin A is the cream of the night.

If your acne red and purulent then you can overcome with acne treatment using specific drugs. For oily skin then you can choose the drug with a liquid or compressed form will be felt more comfortable in the face and does not cause skin look oily. Usually acne medications containing antibiotics which prevent inflammation. Some active ingredients that can prevent acne, such as sulfur which can be found in the form of soap. In addition to anti-inflammatory nature, sulfur is also dry up the pimple. There is also an acne medication made from the extract of tea leaves (tea tree oil) and has sufficient capability in treating acne. When doing the above steps correctly then you can come up with an oil-free makeup.

Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010


Sunlight as a source of life for humans and the earth did not always give beneficial effects for humans because it can cause a variety of losses to human skin from ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight. Experts say one skin adverse impacts to human skin is the appearance of premature aging caused by ultraviolet light exposed to continuous.

But not all ultraviolet rays can damage human skin tissue hanging from long range and wave energy that is raised so that the damage occurred in several stages. For example, infra red produced from the sun has a wavelength range and an energy of 1760 nm and 3000 nm and visible wavelengths has only 400 nm to 760 nm. In this phase the low energy no effect in the skin.

Utraviolet C or UVC which has a wavelength less than 290 nm can still be filtered into the category of the ozone layer so no worry of skin damage. "The wavelength UVC, infrared and visible can not be measured directly by humans, so often the light that hits our skin can be ignored," he said. Inne reminded to be careful if ultraviolet B (UVB) and ultraviolet A (UVA) has been addressing the human skin with the power of the wavelength and energy of 290 nm and 320 nm and 320 nm and 400 nm.

He said the UVB and UVA occurs in tropical countries like Indonesia and the Indonesian women in particular are expected to be more careful and can maintain skin moisture.

He suggested compulsory body lotion applied to the skin after a bath and a few hours once if it has been long in air-conditioned room. In addition, maintaining sufficient water that enters the body can also be trusted as an effort to moisture. In addition to the ultraviolet, air pollution, cigarette smoke, pesticides, industrial smoke, alcohol consumption and poor nutrition may be one driver of premature aging.

Selasa, 10 Agustus 2010


Armpit is part of the body that must often in care, especially for women. If not clean the armpit blackened so many women appear less confident. Here we present some brief tips and inexpensive way to whiten underarms are blackened.

1. To whiten dark underarms and a stubborn stain you can do the following manner: clean underarm hair regularly with the way in remove or shaving carefully, after the net, take the tip of a finger, tooth paste, brush on the skin of the armpit and rub evenly over the rub 15 minutes, do it every day for two weeks / one month Insya Allah see the changes made your armpits will become more clear.

2. Use alum soak with warm water and then dab on a darkened armpit, do the routine every day.

3. Wash your armpits with grated cucumber and lemon juice for 15-20 minutes a day after it was washed with warm water.

4. Additional we have a good product for eroded the armpit hairs, and bleaching cream herbal extract of the fruit of African Shea 100% herbal and safe to clean and whiten your armpits.

Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010


Anti-aging cream, peeling (exfoliation), botox injections, to pull the facial surgery (facelift) is the latest technology in her ear close to the skin and prevent premature aging. But, can we treat our face with no chemicals and does not charge a fee?

Aneelise Hagen, a yoga instructor from New York, USA, to answer that question through an experiment. He developed facial muscle toning program which is called the face and practicing yoga on his students in some classes. The result, direct skin looks tight.

"The pressure or contraction of muscles is the culprit in facial wrinkles. If this pressure can be eliminated, you will see results," he said. According to Hagen writes in the new book, The Yoga Face, his students who managed to get the most are those who regularly practiced yoga facial.

To create the practice of this Yoga Face, Hagen collect various techniques of facial gymnastics which was already popular long time. For example, through articles that had appeared in Vogue magazine in 1959. In the late '70s, Deborah Crowley also introduced Facial building, exercises to strengthen muscle without losing fat face.

At the Yoga Face, Hagen greater emphasis on holistic approach, which focuses not only flex but also eliminate the lines arising from the expression of facial features.

One of Hagen's motion was made to remove face puppet puppet lines around the nose and mouth. How, put your two fingers, one above the lip and one other finger on the nose. Push gently until the mouth into a smile. Perform this exercise for 20 minutes.

Dr.Ava Shamban, asistan dermatology professor from UCLA, agrees that the wrinkles in the forehead and jaw occur due to stress and making the face look more rapid aging. Although he thinks there are more effective ways to fight aging, eliminate wrinkles through yoga and meditation can also be useful.

Different opinions coming from a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Dr.Andre Aboolian. "Yoga may indeed strengthen the facial muscles beneath the skin. But I'm not sure I can prevent skin aging due to separate from the muscle," he said. However, train control facial movement, thought could slow the aging caused by the habit of continuously, such as facial expressions.

"Muscles in the face has one purpose, to generate facial expressions. When these muscles tight, will look at the front of the crease, around the eyes and lips," said Aboolian. Botox injections to paralyze the muscle made it so that can not be used. If we had relaxed mentally, and had a habit of treating the face, the lines can be avoided.

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