Kamis, 10 Februari 2011


Scientifically, Omega 3 has been proven to give many advantages to human body. After its scientific report, there are many health supplement manufacturers produce Omega 3 oil. Unfortunately although it has great advantages, many people cannot stand the odor of Omega 3 oil produced by many health supplement manufacturers. Fortunately Natural Biology has produced free-of-odor Omega 3 oil which is named Arctic Ocean Krill Oil®. It contains EPA and DHA in superior bioavailable form. This product is available on 500mg dosage, 60 pills per bottle. Comprehensive study has shown that human body can absorb Ocean Krill Oil up to 95-98% compare to ordinary fish oil which only 65% absorbed by human body.

Natural Biology is very well known in health supplement industry for its phenomenal products and thousands of people have proved the amazing effects promised by Natural Biology’s products. Arctic Ocean Krill Oil offers tens of health benefits to its consumers such as healthier heart muscle, blood sugar health, better concentration, memory and learning, healthier liver, anti aging and cellular health, etc.

Only with $28, people can get this product delivered to their homes. If you want more complete information on this product, I recommend you to visit Naturalbiology.com. Read consumers’ testimonial to give you more assurance toward Arctic Ocean Krill Oil.

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