Minggu, 27 Februari 2011


Yes it is true, if you can increase collagen in the skin, you can reap the benefits of a reversal of aging of the skin for a healthier, younger looking skin. But if you're not in the time of collagen research itself, could you wasting your money on products that you believe will do the job. Today in this article, I will enlighten you on increasing natural collagen for smoother, younger looking skin.

What is collagen and it helps my skin aging

Collagen is a protein that your skin firmness of the skin due to the high tensile strength makes. It is easy to see that as collagen breaks down due to aging, skin loses its firmness and wrinkles and sagging skin begins to appear.

Elastin, which is another protein, cooperates with collagen in the skin tight and flexible. Elastin is responsible for the flexibility part. Photo of your skin is stretched, elastin is responsible for supporting return to its original position.

Now there are many products out there that contains collagen as its main ingredient, but if you do any research, you are aware that the collagen molecules are too large in most of these products are absorbed through the skin, making it useless for the growth of collagen.

What do you really want is a natural way to collagen in the skin in a natural way in which harmful chemicals not on your skin, used for the largest organ of the body to increase. Does the way I wanted to do, and I'm sure it's the way you would also prefer to do it.

So how can the safe and natural collagen

After much research, I discovered a powerful new drug called XtendTK advanced, it was shown in clinical studies, the regrowth of both collagen and elastin in the skin that gives you the strength and elasticity, promoting healthy younger looking skin increases. In short, fewer wrinkles and sagging skin.

Studies show that subjects in studies of a 14% improvement of the water in just 18 days and a sustained improvement in skin elasticity by 42% in 18 days are also shown.

Where these powerful active ingredient in increasing collagen and elastin to even find you will not find in most over the counter creams that claim to increase collagen.

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