Senin, 28 Februari 2011


If the answer is yes, you can blame the oral bacteria, or maybe an illness. Regardless of the cause of chronic bad breath on the nature of the problem, not ignore that, you are sure to make his life difficult, and everything around you.

If you are not careful, it can between you and the people you care about. You owe it to yourself and others to learn more about chronic bad breath and how to finish. So if you extrapolate the idea of people hate your breath, consider the following and decide how serious this problem is ...

Is it a terrible taste in your mouth yet?

Chronic respiratory problems has the uncanny ability to make your mouth into something terrible. If you're a bad taste that never seems to go away, it's probably the decline of food residues in the mouth (yuck!). The solution is to brush and floss your teeth (and tongue) every day.

How about a mint?

See if you can find the famous ... They spend a few minutes to talk to someone and suddenly you have a hint of mint. Have you ever experienced? Can you guess why it happened? Let's face it ... The coin was intended to mask your scent. And you should be thankful that people are often too polite to you about your problem in a very unpleasant way. After chronic bad breath stinks!

One step forward, two steps back

Sometimes unpleasant odors others to retreat! If you ever known people to get away from you after exchanging a few words, you are almost guaranteed to bad breath. If this happens frequently, call it chronic.

What color is your tongue?

If your tongue has a white or yellow coating on them, you may have a disease that causes chronic bad breath. Sure, it's rude, but you must clean and scrape the coating of the tongue on a regular basis. Otherwise you'll never breath away.

Ultimately it is up to you to take your complaint against chronic bad breath. As one of the signs above the familiar look you have a problem to do. If you like people like the plague, you do yourself a favor and get your breathing under control to avoid. At the end you'll regret it very much.

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